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Pit Bull Service/Therapy Dogs?

Yes, there are those who choose pit bulls for their "service dogs" and or "therapy dogs." I've already gone over a lot of the reason that some, not all, people choose to call their pit bulls "service dogs," and that is for the purpose of getting around breed specific legislation.  However, there are some people who just prefer the breed, for whatever reason, and attempt to make them into legitimate service or therapy dogs.  There are many reasons that I would not recommend this.  Here is one reason....

Therapy dog attacks mounted policeman's horse

-Pit bulls have the tendency to pass temperament tests, and sometimes do very well with children, adults, and even other dogs, until BAM! One day, their DNA just takes over and the next thing you know, you're getting a hoof to the head,  trying to pull your "therapy dog" off of mounted policeman's horse.

Here is another reason:

Pit Bull "Service-Dog" Kicked Off American River College Campus

Sacramento, CA - American River College kicked a pit bull "seizure alert" dog off its campus. The pit bull had reportedly been aggressive with other dogs and the animal did not have a service dog certification. We'd like to point out that since 2005, pit bulls have killed at least 3 people with seizure disorders. In each case, the unwitnessed seizure was offered as the reason for the fatal attack. These victims include: Kelli ChapmanBrandon Coleman and Lorinze Reddings.
     "A woman and the animal she calls her service dog were kicked off of the American River College campus over fears that the dog, a pit bull, is a threat to students. Pit bull Sebastian is Vannase Cary's constant companion, and provides both protection and a half-hour warning before she suffers an epileptic seizure. Vannase loves him, but teachers and staff at American River College don't feel the same way.
     He's reactive," said ARC counselor Jennifer Scalzi. "He's been aggressive with other dogs." Vannase says she's heartbroken that Sebastian was banned from campus, "even though he's been certified through the county as a service animal," she said. However, campus counselors say they weren't able to find any certification for Sebastian. CBS13 contacted Sacramento County officials, who said there's no county agency that regulates service dogs.
     "There is no group that will certify a bully breed," Vannase said, but pointed out the pit bull's animal tag and regulatory number. The tag only means that Sebastian is a licensed dog in the county -- he's never even had any training as a service dog. "There's always the possibility of getting her a real, certified service dog she can bring on campus," Scalzi said. Until then, Vannase has a choice: class or Sebastian." (dogs
-I have to say, it does seem as though more and more "pit bull service dogs" are getting kicked out of various places (stores, restaurants, etc) because they are either aggressive, or reactive, or frankly,  people just don't want to be in the same room with your pit bull.  They have their reasons, and I can't argue with them.  The pit bull controversy and "debate" continues whether or not all pit bulls have the tendency to be aggressive, but the fact is, there is definitely a stigma attached to them that you just can't deny.  If you ever watch the news or read the papers, I don't think you can go a whole entire month without seeing the evidence of a vicious pit bull attack, in which some poor infant, child, adult, or someone's pet has been brutally mauled or even killed.  Sad, but true.

The ADA does not discriminate on what breed you choose for your service dog, but I can say that I certainly wouldn't recommend using the one type of dog that has the longest rap sheet for aggressive and vicious attacks on children, and other pets.  It just makes good sense to choose the type of dog with a good, sound, gentle temperament.  

Some other "service dog/therapy dog" attacks and mishaps....

"Service Dog" Rottweiler attacks little girl at Mall

Boy Killed by Soldier's PTSD Service Dog

Cancer Kid's Service Dog Banished After Attack

This one just BLOWS my mind! Steven Woods and his "service dog" Mimi

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  1. Beth (Vet Technician)September 14, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    I have a service Rottweiler. She HATES tires on anything. I can very easily distract her, but with any dog there are things that are distractions (balls for one). Its all in how you handle your animal, its all in how you train them. You must take them into staged environments and prepare them and yourself for just about anything. My girl is a sweetie, but don't approach me at night because she'll get defensive of her mom. I know what "triggers" her though and we are working on those. She is still very young and has kinks to work out but with time she will. My last one was much the same at first. I feel sorry for victims of Pitt Bull attacks, but I also feel sorry for other victims of dog attacks. I got attacked by a terrier at work, that now has my sapphire ring in his tummy. Any animal with teeth is capable of biting. Its the owners who need to be responsible. If you have a dog that mauls someone (that is not protecting you)and the dog is put down, you should have a very long jail time and never be allowed to own another dog. I love your site, your hatred for the Pitt Bull breed just threw me for a loop. I wish your focus was more on "General Training" for all animals keeping in mind their primal instincts according to their breed. Little dogs in my book are far more aggressive, granted they don't do as much damage (all the time) but a dog bite of any kind can be dangerous. When another breed takes over the "lime light" it will be a large dog breed and again it will be due to more people owning the dogs which of course brings higher numbers in incidents reported. For the record, not every Pitt Bull owner is "trash" and wanting to "fight" the dog. We have elderly clients that own them and they are good dogs.