My Service Dog, Jade


     The issue of FAKE service dogs continues to pose real problems for the truly disabled and their REAL service dogs, that have been appropriately trained to specifically assist their handlers' with their disabilities.  A recent "debate" with a bunch of moron pit nutters, has inspired me to dedicate an entire page of my blog to this issue.
     The first thing I'd like to say about this is that pit nutters (owners and lovers) continue to DENY the facts about their dogs.  The facts about pit bulls are understood by all dog- educated people, including responsible owners.  A responsible pit bull owner will tell you that pit bulls are NOT a dog for everyone.  They require a very high level of training and supervision.  They require enclosures that are more than what any other dog would require, as they very OFTEN are able to escape many enclosures upon seeing another dog or child pass by, as they want badly to fight or kill it, as that is their instinct and what they were bred for. A responsible owner will also tell you that pit bulls are extremely powerful and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, just as a lethal weapon is.  They will recommend having a "break stick" in order to separate your attacking pit bull from another animal or human, as they often can and do attack. They will also tell you that you should NEVER trust your pit bull NOT to fight.  Now, if a responsible pit bull owner can tell me that, then why do these nutters go on denying these facts, and stating that pit bulls are the most loving, gentle, sweet little wiggly butts and will only "lick you to death." If anything, THOSE are the MOST irresponsible owners out there, because they continue to give the public the WRONG message about these vicious dogs.  I have to say that the humane society's and shelters out there are also responsible for providing this FALSE information to the unsuspecting public, in order to get these monsters adopted out, since they are taking up about 3/4s of the shelter space in any given shelter; the reason there are so many of these maulers in the shelters in the first place, is because the unsuspecting public acquire them, thinking the nutters' messages are true, and end up with a violent dog that they can't control and thus give it back to the shelter. Then the shelters, in order to adopt it out again, take to lying and saying the dog is a "pit mix..." or "lab mix" so that once again, the unsuspecting public is put at risk.  Now, think about that for a moment....why do these shelters have to lie to get these monsters adopted out?


     That's why; because most people with any sense, don't want one of these monsters in their homes, around the children, or other pets.  They know better, plain and simple.  So essentially, the only people out there that won't tell the truth about these dogs are the irresponsible owners and the shelters, for the purpose of getting them adopted out.
     Now, if you do a little research, maybe google some forums, you will find that most pit bull owners are in fact, the ones that are providing false information; saying that pit bulls are sweet, gentle, wiggly butt face lickers.  The responsible owners, the ones who tell the truth about their pits, are very few and far between.  Conclusion: most pit bull owners are completely irresponsible!
     Continuing to deny the facts in their own heads, and providing false information to the public is one thing; however, they sometimes actually really believe this crap, which leads them to be completely irresponsible with the way they then raise their "wiggly butt, face lickers." They then do not provide appropriate enclosures and secure their maulers away from the public, their dogs are often the ones you see roaming the streets without tags, no microchips, and are the ones that are intact (not neutered/spayed).  These are the dogs that are wreaking the most havoc, in my opinion. Yes, there are a lot of children and other pets being mauled in their own homes, by their own "wiggly butt, face lickers," but those aren't the ones I worry about the most. I figure, if you're crazy enough to have one in your home voluntarily, then,'s inevitable that one of your children, or other pets  are gonna get mauled and/or dead.  But hey, that's your choice, just don't expect the public at large to put up with that crap! So as they continue to deny the facts, and continue to provide inadequate enclosures, training, identification, and the like for their "wiggle butts", they continue to put the public in danger.
     As they continue to put the public in danger, the law makers are eventually forced to take action.  So, then what I've said, essentially, if you're following, is that pit bull owners themselves are the very people that are causing law makers to enact BSL (breed specific legislation).  Make sense? What I've said makes sense, yes, what they're doing makes NO sense.

     The point is that these mauling machines continue to create more and more victims and the public is getting really sick of it.  I can't say the same for law makers, however, as they seem to be fine in a lot of place, just sitting back and letting it happen.  Some cities, states, and even countries have been wise enough and caring enough to enact legislation to keep these mauling machines off the city streets, but a lot haven't.  So the public is forced to live in fear to walk down the street with their own pet, or child, or is forced to carry a weapon to protect themselves and their loved ones.  I find nothing wrong with carrying a weapon to protect myself, and that's what I've chosen to do, after the violent attack on my service dog by a mauling machine.
    The service dog world is also becoming sick and tired of these attacks on service dog teams and are seeking solutions.  It seems the law makers would be concerned about disabled people and their service dogs being brutally, and violently attacked by these mauling machines, but I don't think they do.  I don't see them doing anything about it.  I guess the rights of these pit bull owners to own a breed of dog that is known for fighting and killing, are much more important.  Sickening, isn't it?!

     Regardless of my rant, the fact remains that people are onto these nutters using the fake websites out there to acquire FAKE "service dog" vests and I.d cards to call their mauling machines "service dogs" in order to get around the law.  More and more people are getting educated about this, and I will help ensure that more and more people, legislators, and the federal government know what these disgraceful people are doing!
     I would also like to say, that although it's mostly pit bull owners who are engaging in this disgraceful fraud, there are others.  There are owners of other breeds that are also doing this in order to be able to take their pet dogs on airplanes, into restaurants, grocery stores, etc.  However, it's really mostly the pit owners and their mauling machines that we need to worry about, just for the simple fact that having a pit bull on an airplane or in a restaurant causes A LOT MORE safety issues, than say a yorkie or chihuahua.  Don't you agree? I certainly don't want to see a FAKE "service dog" pit bull attack a child or another REAL service in a restaurant, and I'd much rather see a FAKE yorkie "service dog" than the most vicious breed of dog there is, that is specifically bred to fight and kill.  Wouldn't you?!
     I've said my piece on this, and will continue to educate the public on the issue of these disgraceful people, who will go to the lengths of impersonating a disabled person, to get their mauling machine out in public creating a significant hazard to all.  I'm not the ONLY one who is well aware of this issue....I have posted below, some other sites that are discussing the same issue.  The Federal government is also aware of it, as are the REAL service dog trainers out there.  They are all looking into finding a way to stop it, as am I.  Here are some there sites discussing this issue:


  1. I agree with you on the fact that a pit bull is not the right dog for everyone. But in this article you wrote with the title "fake service dogs" why must you drag pit bulls in it and bascially go off ranting on them. Where in the article did you talk about fake serivce dogs, you should have just named the artilce, "I want to hate on Pit Bulls today." You should realy buy the book "The Pit Bull Placebo" its a great book. I think you would learn alot. Also why cant you get over the fact that Pit Bulls can make great service and therapy dogs too, why cant you just let that go that labs arnt the only good service dogs.

  2. Tay, you do not have to purchase "The Pit Bull Placebo", you can get it for free online. Karen Delise, a Vet Tech with no particular education, self published her books, you can get anything published if you pay for it yourself. A few years ago Delise sold the National Canine Research Council (which was never a council and never did any research, just Delise giving her opinions) to Jane Berkey who owns the Animal Farm Foundation. Both the NCRC and the AFF are run out of offices on, or near Berkey's farm in New York State. Delise's books are now available for free, and you get what you pay for.

  3. I kinda disagree about it being a parent's protected choice to have a mauler in the house. I mean, I agree that the public needs to be protected, but so do the children of imbeciles. The mere fact of having this type of dog in the home should be a reason for Child Protective Services to remove the child.

    But better yet, and simultaneously solving the phoney service pit problem (besides all the other problems and mayhem they're inflicting on us), ban the things. Ten years ago I would've said grandfather in pit-types that were already born, but that turns out just to lead to the continued breeding of them.

    So what the nutters leave us with is: Round 'em all up and put them all down, humanely of course, NOW. Make it a felony to have one. Since the nutters don't mind millions of pit-types being put down yearly as they continue to breed them, they shouldn't mind the added million or two that -- in one fell swoop -- would end the problem for once and for all for all of us.

    1. That's a good point, Anonymous. It seems the pit nutters just don't care how many pit bulls are sitting in shelters, and that they're being euthanized in record numbers. They claim to love their pit bulls, but they sit packing up shelters and being euthanized in record numbers. Doesn't make much sense.

      I certainly agree that these dogs shouldn't be in homes where there are there are little children, but we keep seeing these photos of children with pit bulls, as nutters try to prove that they are safe...they are "nanny dogs," yeah right! Then when children are attacked and mauled to death by pit bulls, the nutters blame the children for having done something to provoke the dog/the attack, or blame the parents for not "training and socializing" the dog right. Gimme a break!

      Pit Bulls are just completely unpredictable and extremely dangerous!

      Thank you for reading my blog and taking time to comment.

  4. There was a case on Judge Judy last week where two petite women owned a pair of Rottweilers. One weighed 85 lbs and the other 105 lbs. They claimed the dogs were "service dogs" required to let one of the women know whenever her blood sugar got too low. Judge Judy didn't buy it at all and made the sarcastic quotation marks gesture when referring to the "service dogs" and said service dogs are well-trained, and they don't drag their owners to the ground to attack other dogs and people. She ruled in favor of the plaintiff's hospital and vet bills and said if he had asked for more money, she would have given it to him.

    1. 'Service dogs' for blood sugar control and seizure alert are very controversial and the evidence just isn't there to support them.
      This guy is *embarrassed* by his purchase of a glucose detecting dog:

  5. As you can see in the article 'Service with a Snarl' in the SF Weekly, some pit nutters even try to claim their maulers as service dogs, not realizing that the 'service dog' designation will NOT keep your dog from being euthanized if it harms someone. Fighting and guard dogs breeds should never be used as service dogs.

  6. In my apartment complex, a tenant has two pitbulls. Twice, they've come after my wife and Boston Terrier. When we complained about this, she "claimed" that they were service dogs. The office management quit pursuing the matter. The lady lets them off the leash and she allows them to run around. Is there any law I can cite or point management tiwards to have something done ?