My Service Dog, Jade

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vinny at 8 weeks. 
Our little boy, Vinny

New Addition! 

This is the new addition to my household! His name is Vinny, and he too will be a Service Dog; and a darn good one!

If you're interested, and you're not one of the wicked and nasty people, who leave vile comments for me on my blog, please feel free to follow along in our training and conditioning in getting Vinny ready for his work as my Service Dog. 

I acquired Vinny from a reputable breeder in town when he was 11 weeks old.  We picked him out of a wonderful litter when he was but 8 weeks, but we chose to leave him with his mother and siblings for another 3 weeks in order to learn some very important lessons about relationships with other dogs, etc.

Vinny is a Silver Labrador Retriever. Many people I've talked to say they've never heard of a Silver Lab, but the color, Silver, is merely a derivative of the color Chocolate.  Silver Labs are currently registered with the AKC as Chocolate Labs, (as is Vinny) as they are simply missing a bit of the Chocolate colored genes. You've seen Yellow Labs that aren't really yellow, but a mere cream color, almost white....same thing with Silver Labs.  They're just a very light Chocolate color. I find Vinny's color very distinguished and beautiful! 

Vinny is currently about 18-19 weeks, about 4 and 1/2 months old. I've already begun some simple training with him, starting with the basics, such as sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, and wait.  He watches Jade, my 5 year old, Yellow Lab Service Dog, like a Hawk, and picks up a lot of the things she does. I can see Vinny is very smart and will be a wonderful Service Dog!

We will begin classes in April with a local organization to get Vinny started with appropriate socialization and to get his CGC (Canine Good Citizen Certificate) as all dogs must do, that are going to be Certified Service Dogs. 

So feel free to come along for the ride, as I will be talking about our training here in my blog as we move forward....all the way up to Vinny's Certification as a Service Dog! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Please feel free to leave comments, but please be civil, even if you disagree with me.  Thanks! 

Some photos to enjoy below!

Vinny enjoying his toys!

Vinny and my Service Dog, Jade- They truly love each other!

Enjoying a snow day!



    He's gorgeous! I've never seen a lab that color before! But you can tell in that photo where he's standing in the sunshine that he is, indeed, a sort of faded chocolate, just as you explained.

    I look forward to reading about his progress as a growing pup and a service dog in training!

    Jade looks stunning as always.


    Love your blog, keep it coming


    Miss Margo

  2. Vinny is beautiful!!! I will look forward to reading about Vinny and seeing the pictures !!!

  3. nice looking dog. What has he learned so far?