My Service Dog, Jade

Friday, August 10, 2012


ANOTHER innocent Guide dog killed in yet ANOTHER vicious pit bull attack.  When are pit bull owners finally going to understand that their dogs are dangerous; they pose a huge danger to society!

Pit bulls are mauling, maiming and killing people, pets, and service/guide dogs at a rate UNMATCHED by any other type of dog, and WE ARE SICK OF IT!!!!

I don't really care who's at fault, whether it's the dogs or the owners; it makes no difference to me. The fact is that pit bulls are dangerous, and a lot of times, so are their owners. So don't bother with your comments about who is at fault, and comment about that "it's the owners' fault."  I DON'T CARE!!!! The FACT is, PIT BULLS CONTINUE TO MAUL, MAIM AND KILL AND IT NEEDS TO STOP, by whatever means necessary! If the damn dogs have to be removed as pets, then so be it.  This guide dog, and NO guide or service dogs, or family pets, or children, or adults deserve to be mauled to death or eaten alive by some aggressive dog, just because its owner thinks he/she has the RIGHT to own whatever dog they want.  Well, guess what....WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO!!!! WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO FEEL AND TO BE SAFE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS! 
And we're DAMNED TIRED of your vicious dogs harassing, threatening, mauling and attacking, and even KILLING our family members, our pets, and our service and guide dogs! 

It used to be easy for you who own pit bulls, but not anymore! We are going to FIGHT you! And we WILL NOT STOP until these vicious dogs are off of our city streets and are NO longer in homes as pets.  WE WILL FIGHT until it's done; until we can live safer, and in more peace in our neighborhoods and can walk down the street with our children, or our dogs and guide/service dogs, without the fear of being mauled to death by your inherently vicious pit bull type dog! 

If you don't want the fight, THEN CONTROL YOUR VICIOUS ANIMALS! Put up an adequate fence, get a stronger leash, train your dogs, put them in a locked whatever you have to do to MAKE THIS STOP, or you're going to have the fight of your life on your hands! We are gathering an army of support, most of them victims, and we WILL fight you!

"In the UK it is illegal to breed or own Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosas, Dogo Argentinos and Fila Brazilieros. They were bred as aggressive fighting dogs.
It is also an offence for an owner to allow a dog of any breed 'to be dangerously out of control in a public place.'
The Government has recognised that dog attacks is a growing problem. In 2011 police seized 1,512 illegal dogs – up from just 27 five years earlier. Meanwhile attacks on guide dogs were now running at the rate of seven a month."

You CANNOT argue the FACT that pit bulls and their mixes, were bred to fight and kill, EVERYONE seems to know that except the owners of these dogs! 

These attacks are inexcusable! Unacceptable! And completely PREVENTABLE! 
You wonder why people like us want BSL?   THIS IS WHY! Because YOU pit bull owners, and owners of DANGEROUS DOGS can't seem to keep your damn killing machines under control! 

Have you ANY idea what it takes to train a service or guide dog? Have you any idea how much it costs? Do you know what kind of a bond a handler has with his/her service/guide dog?  DO YOU EVEN GIVE A DAMN?????

We Will be quiet NO MORE!!!!!!!

Join us to Walk For Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs
October 27th, 2012
12 noon- 7pm
Lincoln Park, Tucson, AZ