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Friday, April 20, 2012

Fit For The Pit

First, I want to say that the reason I discuss pit bulls at all on this blog is because of things like this....

If you see the page entitled "Service Dog Dangers" on this blog, you will see many, many more of these types of pit bull attacks on service dogs.  Disgusting and devastating, isn't it?!

The ASPCA says....

pit bull
In recent years, Pit Bulls have gained more than just a foothold in public awareness. Unscrupulous breeding and negative media attention have resulted in many apartment complexes, neighborhoods and even counties imposing bans on Pits and Pit mixes, citing them as "inherently dangerous" to the public.
Pit Bulls often attract the worst kind of dog owners—people who are only interested in these dogs for fighting or protection. While Pit Bulls were once considered especially non-aggressive to people, their reputation has changed, thanks to unscrupulous breeders and irresponsible owners. And because the Pit Bull population has increased so rapidly, shelters now struggle to deal with an overflow of image-plagued, hard-to-place dogs.

History of the Breed

Pit Bulls are descendants of the original English bull-baiting dog—a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. "Bulldogs" were bred to hang on without releasing their grip, until the animal was exhausted from fighting and from loss of blood. When baiting large animals was banned in the 1800s, people then started to fight their dogs against each other instead.
As the "sport" of dog fighting developed, enthusiasts bred a lighter, more athletic canine. These dogs made their way to North America, the ancestors of today's Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls that were not used for fighting were considered ideal family pets—affectionate, loyal and gentle with children. Serious problems started when these dogs gained the attention of people looking for a macho dog—and to meet their demands, unscrupulous and uncaring breeders are producing puppies that were not only aggressive to other dogs, but also to people.

In the Fighting Ring

Although a felony offense in all 50 states, organized dog fights still take place in many parts of the country. In some urban areas especially, dogfighters have formed a strong subculture. Dogs that fight are bred and conditioned to never give up when they are fighting, even if it means that they will be badly hurt or killed. Other animals are victims of dog fights, too—it's not uncommon for trainers to encourage their dogs' aggression by using other dogs and smaller animals such as cats, rabbits and rodents as bait.
While some might typify dog fighting as a symptom of urban decay, not every dogfighter is economically disadvantaged. Participants and promoters come from every community and all backgrounds, with audiences including lawyers, judges and teachers and other upstanding community leaders.
Unfortunately, a new element has been introduced to the world of dog fighting over the past two decades. Fights have become informal street corner and playground activities. Stripped of the rules and formality of the traditional pit fight, these spontaneous events are triggered by insults and turf invasions—or even the simple taunt, "My dog can kill your dog." 
So here's my question, if the ASPCA states that pit bulls are descendants of the bull-baiting dogs that were bred to "hang on without releasing their grip, until the animal was exhausted from fighting and from loss of blood," then what's wrong the pit bull owners? Yes, the owners who continue to insist that this is NOT the case! Even the ASPCA clearly states that pit bulls were bred for the sport of dog fighting and as they continue to be bred by irresponsible, "unscrupulous and uncaring" breeders they became more aggressive toward other dogs and even people.  So why is it that pit bull owners continue to deny this truth and violently attack anyone who repeats it? 
It seems that everyone knows this is the truth about pit bulls, except for the pit bull owners.  
I do realize that the pit bull owners are attempting to improve the reputation of the breed and to diminish or eradicate the stigma attached to it, but I really don't believe that telling outright lies and viciously attacking those who discuss the origin of the breed, is the way to accomplish their mission. In fact, it makes them appear even less than substandard.  
If you haven't any experience in "debating" with or dealing with pit bull owners on any level, let me enlighten you.  Here are just a few comments by pit bull owners in defense of their dog and man killers...
1) "Let's be honest.  Your a fucking complete and utter moron, you obvisuly have had no experience with a larger bread of dog.  you have no love, no care for living things, why don't I abuse you, perhaps provoke u, force you too fight for the amusement of other people.  It's people like YOU!  that give the breed a bad name, fuckheads like YOU!  who make people THINK they are aggressive.  people like you! need to be taken out of family homes.  not these magnificient creatures.  I hope you fucking rott in hell, your filth." 
2) "I'd luv to have one my friends pitbulls crap on your face and then piss in ur mouth - rot in hell!  u have no damn clue about the breed so STFU..."

3) "How about canine safety with all breeds --so ignorant children don't become part of an ignorant statistic by a group of humans who are blatantly ignorant" (yes, "ignorant children.")

4) "Go fuck yourself.  I hope your children have their assholes pounded out by your neighbor & his faggot ass friends.  If u as a parent can't protect your children and feel the need to have the gov step in & do it for you, then u shouldn't be parenting in the 1st place.  Control your kids worry about u and others.  Stay out of my business.  I have the same rights as you.  Want a lot of the same things in life as u.  Don't try dictate how anyone else achieves their happiness.
5) "Now fuck off who the hell are u??  A worthless fucking scank whore!!  U have no facts and no logic all ur doing is bashing people and stating ur dumb ass opinions!!  U have no validity to ur argument ur just a mean, nasty, ugly, hate spreading cunt!!  U are very stupid and not very well spoken and I sure hope u don't have kids!!  Jesus I can't imagine what those little bastards will grow up to act like, prolly stupid mouthy cuntface bitches like their worthless bottom feeding whore of a mother!!
Now, if it's true that pit bull owners are attempting to improve the reputation of the breed and eradicate the stigma attached to it, do you think this is the way to go about it? Thankfully, these comments were not directed at me, but even if they were, they would be ignored.  In fact, I do receive some comments from pit lovers, and have "debated" with some on the internet, and their comments, I should say their attacks, were very similar to these.  
Pit bull owners continue to argue that their dogs are not dangerous, and were not bred for the specific purpose of fighting. They say that they are not fighting breed dogs.  Hmmmm...well, it seems that everyone knows the truth except for them.  If they are really interested in improving the reputation of the breed, and eradicating the stigma attached to the breed, then maybe they should start by admitting the truth and working from there.  Their lies are definitely NOT helping them accomplish their mission.  
Is this what you want barreling down the street after your service dog?

Also, it would certainly help to start containing their fighting breed dogs appropriately so these vicious, brutal and devastating attacks on children, people's pets and guide/service dogs would STOP. But then....when you think of that happening, you have to consider the type of people we're talking about here. We're talking about pit bull owners that first of all, won't even admit what their dogs were bred for, and these are the same people who respond with comments such as the ones above (see 1-5). 
I really DO NOT see these people becoming more mature, accepting what their dogs were bred for (i.e. the truth), and doing a better job at breeding, raising, and becoming more responsible in terms of appropriate containment for their fighting breed dogs. 
This is what a pit bull should like.

This is why I, and most intelligent, caring, compassionate people, would like to see pit bull type dogs go extinct, through bans on breeding, and mandatory spay/neuter laws.  In the meantime, since these pit bull owners can't handle the truth and be responsible owners, I would encourage all city councils to enact laws that include, mandatory muzzles for pit bull type dogs, no more legal adoptions of pit bull type dogs through shelters, rescues, etc., mandatory microchip, and mandatory containment regulations.  
The fact is, that pit bulls were bred to fight in a pit.  Dog fighting is now illegal, so why are these dogs still around? 
The work of a pit bull.

There are so many other breeds of dog to choose from, that need homes.  Pit bulls are only fit for the pit.