My Service Dog, Jade

Monday, April 9, 2012

Jade's New Boots

Jade now has her first pair of new shoes. I ordered them via the Internet, and they arrived today. They're great, and they look great on her too! I ordered them for a couple of reasons. First, where I live it gets really hot in the summer and her paws need to be protected from the hot pavement, since she will have to accompany me anywhere I might have to go during the hot summer days. Secondly, when we go for our "walks," we like to use some of the desert trails and there are a lot of rocks and stickers. She will be relieved in her new boots and we won't have to stop every 10 feet to pull the stickers out of her paws.

These seem to be some great shoes and are very padded and have pretty tough rubber souls for protection and traction. I think she'll get used to them fairly quickly. I tried them on her tonight and had her walk around a bit and so a couple of service tasks, just to help her understand that she can do anything with them on. I don't know if you've ever put a pair of dog boots on your dog, but it's so hard not to laugh at them when you do. It's important not to laugh though, so as not to humiliate your pup. Don't think they don't know you're laughing at them....they know.

I put them on, gave her some treats and tried to make a very positive experience for her. She did well. Over time, she'll get more and more used to them and soon she'll be jogging down the desert trails with no problem, thanking me for getting her shoes. I really like the quality of the shoe. They're made my neopaws and are orthopedic quality.

Don't be afraid to try some shoes for your dog too, if stickers, hot pavement, snow, rocks, etc are an issue for your dog. If you have a service dog that has to accompany you everywhere and your pavement gets hot, please think about your dog's paws. Some photos for you all....