My Service Dog, Jade

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pit Bull Surprise

Well, it's been proven now that Jade's training, learning how to be less defensive with other dogs, has paid off, in a big way!  Yesterday, we had a pit bull surprise.  Jade and I were walking from the car into a grocery store, when suddenly from under the porch of the grocery store, a pit comes running toward us, and stops short to give Jade a good sniffing.  I couldn't believe my eyes! A pit bull, without a leash, hanging out in front of the grocery store, coming up to bother a working dog, a service dog!!! What the hell has this town come to!?  Where the hell was the owner of this beast!?

Jade's training has definitely paid off, as she performed exactly as a service dog should in such an unwelcome situation. She stopped and let the beast sniff her, taking her away from her job and her attention off of me. This kind of thing makes me SICK! I am so sick and tired of these irresponsible pit bull owners and they just continue to show that they cannot be trusted to be responsible with their beasts!!!  Nevertheless, Jade stood there and let the dog sniff, and I kept trying to pull her forward, thinking if we just kept moving that the darn pit bull would just give up the sniff and walk away....and I didn't know when the beast would suddenly decide that Jade would taste better than she smells, and its DNA would kick in, and it would perform its best gripping behavior on my girl! But the more I tried to pull her away and keep moving, the more she planted her feet and wouldn't move.  I think she thought it was best to stay still for the moment.

I thought that Jade might turn to her defensive behavior and start growling and defending herself, and then the beast would attempt to kill which point I would have had to brutally kill the damn thing right there in front of the grocery store, in front of about 30 people! But she didn't.  Jade behaved like a perfect service dog.  Standing there, letting it sniff, while I was yelling, "Who's damn dog is this!? Get your damned dog! My dog is working here!" I began reaching in my purse for my weapon, as I was afraid, and didn't know what would happen, when suddenly a lady came out of the story with a shopping cart and aimed for the pit bull.  She acted like she was going to hit the pit bull with the shopping cart and shouted, "Hey, get outta here!" And the pit bull went back to his place under the porch of the store! So we moved along and went into the store.

When we went into the store, I got on one of the shopping cart buggies, with Jade at my side, and realized I was shaking so hard I could barely function.  Jade stood there looking at me, and I had to sit down and just stop, and breathe.  I really couldn't do anything because I was just too upset.  I'm really sick and tired of running into loose dogs in this town, with my working, service dog, especially pit bulls, the most inherently dangerous and vicious types of dogs out there! I am afraid of pit bulls and I have a damn good reason to be! If you're not afraid of pit bulls, then your lacking information on them! My dog's been attacked by a pit bull, pets, service dogs, and children and adults have been attacked and killed by pit bulls, and that, if you ask me, is a damn good reason to fear them! They've attacked, injured, and killed many a service dog in situations as these.

This town really needs to do something about the pit bull problem.  There are way too many of them, they are over populated, over bred, and overly vicious! The shelters in this town are full of those dogs, which I don't get! If these pit bull lovers love these dogs as much as they claim, then why are there so many of them in the shelters!? Why are they always roaming the streets with no owners? Why isn't this problem getting taken care of?!

Anyway...I have to say that I was VERY proud of my girl, Jade for doing exactly what she was trained to a GREAT SERVICE DOG! It took me a while to calm down, and luckily I have a great group of supportive, encouraging, empathic friends to talk to about these things, which helps me immensely! And I have my amazing service dog to help me with anxiety, depression, and my physical disabilities.