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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pit Bulls Called "Service Dog" To Get Around The Law

     Here is another good example, in my opinion, of another person trying to call their pit bull a "service dog" to get around the law.  If this dog is at all certified as a "service dog" then it's only because she ran to one of those illegal websites to quickly pay for a "service dog certification" to get around her landlord's telling her the dog has to go.  The funny thing is, that people think that just because their dog is a "service dog" it can get around any law and is exempt from all the rules.  This is so not true.  Regardless if a dog is a "service dog" or not, it can still legally, by ADA rules, be asked to leave if it is considered a nuisance by any staff, employee, resident or manager of any store, restaurant, apartment building, trailer park, etc.  The  so called "service dog" doesn't even have to be aggressive per se, it just has to be considered a nuisance and it can legally be asked to leave.  The tenant can stay, but the manager has EVERY right to ask that this dog leaves the premises...."service dog" or not.  By the way, you have to be "disabled" first and foremost to even have a service dog.  Many people, in my opinion, choose to impersonate a disabled person in order to be able to call their dog a "service dog" for the purpose of getting around the law.  I am not sure if having arthritis in your knees is considered a disability or not, it very well may be...but has her doctor declared this to be so? That's something the lawyer could definitely look into here.
     Another point I'd like to make is this....if you have a REAL service dog, then you know how a service dog is supposed to perform the command, "brace." If your dog has been properly trained to "brace" I can assure you, it's not by pulling as hard as it can to the end of the leash, correct?! This could very well injure the dog if it's just pulling as hard as it can by the collar, and bearing a human's body weight. Especially the 60-70 pound dog in this article.  This is NOT an appropriate "brace" by service dog.  My service dog has been properly trained to "brace," by moving in front of me sideways, tensing up, and waiting for me to put my hands on the "sweet spot" of her back (whithers) and commanding "brace," as I use her to brace me to stand up and sit down.  She also has been trained to use her harness correctly for the "brace" command, as I lean into the appropriate place on her back with my harness.

You can read the article below and let me know your thoughts as well.  The above are my thoughts.  To add to this, I have to say that I find it really sad and disgraceful that someone is resorting to calling their dog a "service dog" to get around the law.  I also find it disgraceful that anyone's "service dog" would invoke such complaints by tenants, that the dog is "charging people, aggressing toward them, growling at children and barking and snarling at them, acting aggressively toward other animals," etc.  That's scary! No properly trained service dog should behave this way! So this is again why I say that breed is an important consideration when choosing a REAL service dog, as the pit bull dogs are bred for the purpose of fighting and killing!!! They are NOT a good breed of choice, generally, for a service dog.

But please read the article and let us know your thoughts. Thank you!