My Service Dog, Jade

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jade's First Out-of-Town Trip

     Well, tomorrow morning, first thing, we are off on an 8-hour road trip, out of state, and Jade's going along.  This will be the first time she's ever left the state, and the first time she'll be in the car for such a long trip.  The longest car ride she's ever been on was the first day I had her; the day I brought her home.  That was a 3-hour car ride, and she slept with her head on my arm the whole way.  We were meant for each other.
     So tomorrow, we're off for a mini-vacation in New Mexico, and of course we'll be stopping for gas, to eat and to take breaks.  I'm excited to see how Jade does in the car for so long, and in the hotel.  I already know she's gonna be great everywhere else we go.  She goes everywhere I go now and she is just wonderful! It didn't take that much training either; I swear, she was just born for this job.  She wears and uses that new mobility harness like a champ now! It really does help me too! She helps me with balance, and bracing while we walk places together.  What a champ! I absolutely LOVE this harness too, which is custom made.  I ordered it from Katrina at Bold Lead Designs; check out her website on the homepage of my blog, on "useful links." This is the BEST mobility harness I've been able to find.

     I digress....The one thing I have done to prepare for our trip together is print out the Service Dogs laws for both Arizona and New Mexico, just in case.  I will carry those with me, in case we have any trouble by people who are not knowledgeable at hotels, restaurants, and the like.  As I stated, Jade now comes everywhere with me here in AZ, but we have not yet been to New Mexico together, and although I did research the laws about service dogs there, there may still be a time when we run into someone that we may have to educate. (About service dogs, and the law). It certainly doesn't hurt to carry those written laws along, although I doubt we'll have any issues.
     Jade has her own travel bag and we'll also be taking her bed and one of her toys, to make her feel at home.  We're also taking her vest, harness, a couple of bones (for chewy/break time), treats, her toothbrush/toothpaste, food/water dishes, and of course her food.  It's so weird to have her coming with us, but so exciting! It's a little bit like traveling with a child, I think, which I have never done before.  We'll be getting a visit with my boyfriend's children, and they will SO excited to see Jade again.  I'm sure the feeling will be mutual! OOOH I'm so excited! If I don't get a chance to blog while we're there, I'll definitely do so upon returning home.  Wish us luck!