My Service Dog, Jade

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pit Bull Next Door

     Ok, it's not that I hate pit bulls.  I don't think of myself as a hater of any animal (humans included); nevertheless, I do hate what I know pit bulls do, and what they're capable of.  I hate that people use them for dog fighting, and I hate that people abuse them like no other dog.  What I do hate most, is that pit bull owners REFUSE to admit that these dogs are dangerous, and are capable of such destruction, and therefore refuse to take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the neighborhoods and communities.  I HATE that there have been numerous service dogs attacked by pit bulls and put out of work, and have had to retire due to their severe physical and psychological injury, perpetrated by these dogs.  I can't bring myself to hate a dog for what it is....I realize the dog had no say in how it was bred, or how it's been used for centuries, but the owners of these dogs need to come down to reality, and look at the facts.  They need to take precautions; their neighbors want to feel and BE safe.  I now have a big, blue-nosed pit living right next door to me.  I'm not happy about it, to say the least, but as of now there is no regulation on these dogs in this city, therefore nothing I can do about it.  However, I do plan on having a conversation with the owner.  I know my neighbor and I'm pretty sure we can have a civil and adult conversation about animal, and people, safety.  We both have a 7 foot block wall between us, however, this didn't stop his former pit bull from ending up in MY back yard a few years back. I have a good feeling that he's got things stacked up against that wall...that's the only way I can see a pit bull jumping that wall.  The wall is 7 feet high on his side, and about 8 on my side.  I'm hoping that he will be understanding and willing to take appropriate measures to keep me, my boyfriend, and my very precious-to-me service dog safe. I really don't care what his opinions are on pit bulls, and he doesn't need to know mine....he just needs to keep us safe by being extra responsible. It's no mistake that he has another pit bull; he's obviously a lover of the breed.  He had one before and now has another, so I don't plan to tell him how I feel about pits.  I think it's more important that I get along with my neighbor; opinions don't need to be shared.  He's owned pit bulls for years, so he must know the facts about them.

     Meanwhile, I don't plan on being another statistic.  I don't plan on being on the list of people that have had their service dogs mauled to death or forced into retirement because someone chooses to own the most dangerous and vicious breed of dog out there.  I refuse to walk onto my back porch, or front yard without being armed.  I refuse to let my dog go pee outside, without me being present, and armed. Maybe that sounds silly to you...if it does, go to the page entitled "My Pit Bull Story," and you will understand.  When my neighbor had his former pit bull, it was outside unleashed many a time.  It actually sniffed my dog up, when she was a puppy, and she ran whimpering into the house, pit bull following.  THAT WON'T HAPPEN EVER AGAIN! I WILL make sure that my neighbor understands that.  Granted, my dog has run around the front yard unleashed as well, and has visited my neighbor in his yard, and THAT will never happen again either. I will also let my neighbor know that.  Well, here's to hoping for civil, adult, neighbor-to-neighbor, heart to heart conversations.  Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted.