My Service Dog, Jade

Saturday, February 25, 2012

BSL and Service Dogs

I have a really bad feeling that any city, county, state or country that has enacted, or will enact BSL  (Breed Specific Legislation) in the future, will start seeing a huge increase in "service dogs," and they're gonna be pit bulls! Besides being morally corrupt, and completely disgraceful, it's also against the law and a HUGE federal violation to impersonate a disabled person for the purpose of having a service dog; nevertheless, I think I can speak for many, many people in saying that there are A LOT of people in this country, and others, that fit this description.  Many more cities, and counties are learning more and more about pit bulls.  Not to mention the fact that they continue to maul, maim and kill more people and other animals than all other dog breeds combined.  Legislators are learning, and the people are getting tired of it.   More and more places are starting to discuss and enact BSL, which is leading those morally corrupt and disgraceful people to look for new ways to get around the law.  Yup, the perfect way to keep your pit bull, is to impersonate a disabled person and try to get your dog certified as a "service dog." C'mon pit bull owners, we know what you're doing. We may be disabled, but we're NOT stupid!!!  Be advised, you morally corrupt and disgraceful people, the ADA and the Federal Government are also not stupid and are well aware of it....and there will SOON come a time when you all will be outed.  There will soon be a Federal Law enacted that will prohibit you from doing what you're doing! As it stands, the ADA is there for the purpose of protecting the disabled, and you, who try to FAKE your dog's certification as a "service dog" will soon pay the price.  Make no mistake!

Here's a quote I found online in regards to this topic. Frightening, isn't it?!

"As far as I'm concerned, this is a loophole! I'm planning on having all the BSL breeds in our rescue CGC and TDI certified. By federal law, no one is allowed to ask you for proof that the dog you have it a therapy dog. If they do you can sue them under ADA law. And all you need is a doctor willing to say you get stressed in public and need your dog to help you relax. That makes your dog a therapy dog. Done.

And now according to federal law, no city or state is allowed to ban your dog, regardless of breed, if it's a therapy dog!!   Take that you brainless BSL supporting morons!!"

I won't go into why this person is a complete idiot, and totally ignorant of the law....we'll keep that between us.  If you know the law, you know why this will NOT work for this person.  She eventually decides to actually read the ADA regs and figures out why this won't work, but rest assured, there are many morally corrupt, disgraceful scumbags out there impersonating the disabled for this very reason. Watch out for them, and when you see them, REPORT THEM!!!