My Service Dog, Jade

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Service Dog Booties

If you have a service dog, and you live in a place like I do, where you have to deal with extreme temperatures, you know how hot the pavement can get.  The pavement here, mid summer, gets so hot it's sometimes gooey, as it starts melting from the extreme temperatures.  Having a service dog, you know that your dog must go everywhere with you, even in these extreme temperatures.  It's only the right thing to do to cover your dog's paws with something to protect them from the heat.

I've had people tell me that they just don't go out as much as they'd like to in the heat because their poor service dog's paws are starting to crumble from the heat.  Or that they know their service dog is suffering when they go out because they do a little dance when on the pavement trying to keep their paws from burning.

Believe it, your dog's paws definitely feel the heat from the pavement/asphalt and it hurts.  So please do your service dog a favor and cover his/her paws with something!

This is what I've done for my service dog.  I make booties.  They're stylish, cute, and very comfortable for your dog.  They let the dog's feet breathe and all the dogs that have worn them, have had NO problems getting used to them.  They're very soft and the dog is still able to feel where their feet are going and have been very comfortable.

I've tried purchasing dog shoes, and boots for my dog, but she was not comfortable in them and they made her paws very hot and sweaty.  Also, she had trouble feeling where her feet were going as the bottoms were made of rubber,  and she would stumble clumsily along.

These booties are the ultimate in comfort, extremely flexible (like socks) and will protect your dog's paws from the heat and/or extreme cold.  They come in YOUR favorite color, and your dog will LOVE them and thank you for protecting their paws.

I made these for my dog and for other people's dogs.  I love to make them, and can make them in all sizes, and colors. 

If you're interested and you like these booties for your dog, please let me know. Just be respectful of your dog's paws and keep them from suffering the heat or extreme cold on the pavement.  

Your service dog will do anything for you, make him/her comfortable.

My trainer's dog LOVES them. He's comfortable, stylish and protected! 

Rudy says "Thank you Jewel Jade! I love them!" 
My Jade LOVES her booties! 

Small dog? NO problem! 

Super cute! Stylish and protective!

They also come with a little pouch to keep the booties in. 

Each pouch is different, depending on your color, and style. 

Want some booties for YOUR dog? Leave me a message here. 


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  5. Megan said,

    "I'd love to get some booties for my service dog! The extreme temperatures were I live have been making my dog hop around on the pavement too, and I think these look great. Please email me at _________ :) ."

    Thank you for your interest, Megan. My email is on it's way to you now.

  6. Hi... wonderful!!!! By chance do you have a pattern that you can share? this would be great... esp when money is tight and can't afford those selling on the marketplace.

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Brenda!
      Sorry I've been away first a while. If you're still interested in purchasing some dog booties please email me at

  8. Can I buy a set from you? I have a golden retriever service dog, and just moved to Phoenix from Northern California where the pavement was never an issue.

    1. If you want to purchase please email me at

  9. The smaller sizes usually go for about $25 to $30, but the bigger sizes go for about $35 to $40.

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