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Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Guide Dog Attacked By Pit Bulls,0,5844282.story

These stories are really becoming all too common.  Another Guide Dog attacked by pit bulls, while minding his own business and working with his trainer.  This dog is in training, still learning to perform his duties as a guide dog, although it's questionable now whether he will be able to perform those duties after being viciously attacked by the pit bullies.

There's someone or something attacked by these menacing type of dogs nearly every single day and it's time something is done about it! More and more cities are looking into some type of pit bull ordinance and although I think that's great, I think these dogs should just be banned nationwide.  They cause nothing but trouble.  They're constantly attacking and killing, children, other animals, even their owners, because they were bred to fight and to kill.  Why should we allow that type of dog in peoples' homes?

Pit bull owners keep saying that it's about the owners and they need to be more responsible.  Well, that's great, but it isn't happening is it?  If it was happening, the number and frequency of attacks would be going down, and instead they're going up.  I am sick and tired of seeing more and more of these attacks EVERY DAY by these types of dogs.  It's not necessary that we keep seeing this!

I don't think pit bull owners understand, nor do they care, about the time, money, blood, sweat and tears that go into training a service dog or guide dog. So many of them have been, and are being attacked by pit bulls, and a lot of times, these attacks either kill the service dog or force it into early retirement, as it's no longer able to perform its duties any longer out of fear, or defensiveness.

In my opinion, if pit bull owners can't learn to play nice with their pit bulls, they should have their pit bulls taken away! These dogs are nothing but a menace to society and a danger to the public!


  1. Personally, due to the high replacement cost for service and guide dogs when they have to be replaced due to an attack, I think the owners of those attacking dogs should be libel for those replacement costs.

    1. Cinnamon, I agree completely. The fact is though, that a lot of these training organizations that train service and guide dogs, are getting VERY sick and tired of this crap! I am hoping to God that they start pushing for BSL now.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, Cinnamon, I appreciate the feedback!

  2. I know what it's like to have a dog attacked, but if I had spent thousands training my dog it would have been way worse. And believe me that trying to recover your lost money isn't always easy. And what's to become of the poor guide dog? I couldn't imagine finding my guide dog a new home because it was attacked, but what could you do?

  3. Hi Jim, thanks for stopping by and commenting on this story.....I find stories such as these very disturbing. That's why I chose to dedicate an entire page of my blog to these attacks (see page Service Dog Dangers). It is always disturbing to witness a dog attack, but when guide dogs and service get attacked and/or mauled, it often ends their career. The service dog is often unable to recover psychologically from the attack, and becomes fearful, paranoid, and sometimes aggressive because of it. When the dog is unable to recover, that means the handler, who is disabled and sometimes blind, has not only lost their service dog, that they must replace through more blood, sweat and tears and a ton of money, but they have lost their ability to independent, and to live freely. They have lost their eyes, their ears, their spine, their legs, etc. These dogs are not pets, not to minimize what peoples' pets mean to them, but these dogs are acting as sometimes ability to live an independent and free life.

    These attacks continue to happen, and their frequency continues to increase, which is downright frightening. Their are many Presidents of training organizations out there that are getting VERY sick and tired of losing their service dogs that they have invested so much time and money into, and I hope and pray that they are tired enough to start pushing for BSL!
    Sorry for the rant and the soapbox but I just can't stand seeing more of these attacks. I don't mean to minimize attacks on peoples' pets either, that too is extremely tragic and traumatizing. Thanks again, Jim.

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  5. Cinnamon is right--why AREN'T guide dogs valued more as property in jurisprudence...?

    I know an animal vet. A pet pigeon died while in the care of the hospital he worked at. The pigeon's owner tried to sue the hospital. The lawyer the owner hired said that they couldn't sue for much more than the value of the pigeon.

    Guide dogs are valuable animals. The law ought to consider them as such, in that regard. If someone destroys your new luxury car, the court would, presumably, punish the vandal.

    Is it possible to insure a guide dog?

    (and of course, I know that dogs--especially service dogs--have MUCH more worth and value than monetary value. I'm just trying to think of this from a legal standpoint.)

    Pit bulls suck.

    1. Miss Margo, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It would seem that the courts would see guide or service dogs as much more valuable than the average pet, but I don't think that's the case at all. When it comes to dogs, the court just doesn't seem to see Pit Bulls as a problem most of the time, when in fact, they are one of the biggest public safety hazards out there! Thanks again.

    2. From today's Arizona Daily Star:

      A sprawling housing complex in the Bronx has been fined $85,000 for not allowing residents to keep emotional-support dogs.


      To which I say: Aren't some of the pit bull fans claiming that they have their dogs for emotional support? Seems like we have a very slippery slope here.

  6. A menence to society, the pit bull who saved her owner from a train was no mencence, Srg Stubby was no mencence, the little Rascal dog was no mencece. Open you eyes a little and see the millions of pit bulls that are WONDERFULL!! Dogs are only meneneses when their owners let them be.

    1. 1) Who really knows what the hell the pit bull was doing that got hit by a train?
      2) Sgt Stubby wasn't even a pit bull
      3)The little Rascal's dog was poisoned by someone on the set because of his viciousness.

      4) ....and lastly....Hey Tay, why not just go start a blog of your own about how great you think pit bulls are, and how much it doesn't matter to you that they continue to maul innocent babies and pets to death?!


      2.If stubby wasnt a pit bull what was he. Lets get real. If you are saying that golden mix that killed the baby was a pit bull mix then what the heck is stubby because stubby is WAY more of a pit bull, the other dog was no pit bull.
      3. There is no proof that the Petey was poisned. I just looked that up and I found NOTHING about him being poisned because he was vicious. Seriously just think about that for a second. If he was so vicous you would see it on camera. He would NOT be allowed to be with all of those people and children if he was a vicous dog...come on now.
      4.I dont really want to make my own blog because I have facebook so I dont really need one but since your such a big believer in freedom of speech I should be allowed to post my opinion and responce to other peoples and your comments. I comment on your blog because I believe that you try to make people believe that pit bulls are some monster, when they are not, I am trying to get you and those people to take another thought about what they think about pit bulls. This breed was not always feared, it was once a very loved breed.

  7. I am from the Boston area, so I saw and read extensive initial coverage of the "hero pit bull". The owner of the pit bull was NEVER interviewed, as she is a mentally ill alcoholic. There was never any eyewitness interview or account of the dog "pulling" the owner off the tracks. The owner of the pit bull was drunk and walking on the tracks at midnight.....according to local ABC news, she was being charged with animal cruelty for what happened to the dog.

    The son of the owner is a young police officer....I watched his interview, and his "claims" that "someone" told him the dog pulled his mother off the tracks. I didn't believe his guess is that this man's life has been so filled with guilt and shame over his mother's illness, that he made the story up to help cope with the embarrassment. He gave the dog to his alcoholic mother, hoping having a pet would help her, and I think he was filled with guilt over what his mother did to the dog.

    The MSPCA promoted and used the story to raise 75 thousand dollars for its organization...much more money than was needed to help pay for the injured pit bull's care.

    It would have been impossible for the dog to have "pulled" the woman free from the tracks, while still getting hit by the train. This may have been a failed suicide attempt, and maybe she was planning to kill the dog also. Either way, the poor dog was simply a victim of anim al cruelty, and not a hero.

    1. Well-said, Branwyne Finch! Appreciate the feedback! Thank you! I imagine you are absolutely right!

  8. I just googled this "pit bull saved woman from oncoming train" story. TAY ought to do the same.

    While it is great that this dog is a beloved family pet, there is zero evidence in any of the four (4!) articles I read that the dog dragged the woman, Spain, off the tracks to rescue her.

    If that was the case, as Branwayne Finch notes, the dog would not have been hit at all. It makes no sense.

    The owner was held in protective custody because she was intoxicated. Not intoxicated as in "arrested and booked for DUI and released," but "requires medical attention."

    Branwyne is right, I think: the son is, understandably, ashamed and embarrassed and trying to cover up for his mother.

    Can the nutters ever get over Petey? I mean, really. WTF does Petey prove? Or have to do with anything?

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    1. Thank you Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by and offering support.

  10. I nowadays carry a medium sized pair of very sharp scissors with me when l walk my Golden Retriever. They are not classes as a eapon and offer some chance at killing the attacking dog