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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Pit Bull "Service Dog"

Okay, back to pit bull "service dogs." Without reading through my entire post first, please watch the video below, and see if you can determine what's wrong with this picture?  Even if you know absolutely nothing about service dogs, you should be able to guess a few things, that is, if you have any common sense whatsoever.

Okay, ready to discuss?

Here goes...

First of all, the "service dog" is a pit bull type dog.  No, the ADA regs do not have any regulations that state you cannot have a pit bull as a service dog; however, common sense, and a lot of trainers will tell you that the pit bull is not the best breed of choice for a service dog.
There are a few reasons.
ONE: many, many people frown on pit bulls as they have quite the reputation for attacking, mauling and killing, which is well deserved if you ask me.  Therefore, don't expect to have a pit bull as a service dog without ever having to take a whole lot of flack for it from the general public.  Remember, a service dog is going to accompany you just about everywhere you go, that is,  if you're truly disabled and your pit bull is a REAL service dog. Don't expect that, even though it is against the law, businesses won't ask you to leave with your pit bull as there are children around and it's not safe.  That happens when you have chosen a pit bull as your service dog.  Sure, that IS illegal (to ask you to leave just because your service dog is a pit bull), but it has been done, and unless you want to have a confrontation with a whole lot of business owners upon entering their business with your pit bull "service dog," choose another breed. Sure, you can get a lawyer, make a fuss and sue them, but is that really what you want to go through every time you go out with your service dog?
TWO: Most trainers will tell you that pit bulls aren't the easiest dogs to train for the purpose of service work.  They were bred for the purpose of fighting in a pit, bull-baiting, and bear-baiting, and let's face it, they're NOT on the list of the most intelligent dogs. I'm not saying they're not trainable, but they're definitely more difficult to train.  I'm not saying that Labs and Goldens are the only breeds used for service dogs, but they're much easier to train and higher on the list of intelligent working are GSDs (German Shepherds) and many others.  Pit Bulls are also very unpredictable. A responsible pit bull owner will tell you not to EVER trust your pit bull NOT to fight with another dog...after all, it's what they were bred for; and they'll tell you to carry a break stick when you go out with your pit bull.  Now, is that what you want to have to deal with when you're out with your "service dog?"

So that's the first thing that's wrong with this video...plain and simple, that "service dog" is a pit bull.  I'm willing to bet that this lady is going to catch some flack from someone at the mall, be it a manager or simply a customer that knows what pit bulls are capable of.

Another VERY important thing that is very wrong with the "service dog" in this video is that it's NOT neutered! WHAT?! One of the first requirements for every training organization that I've ever researched that trains, or helps you to train, service dogs is that the dog is spayed and/or neutered.  Why in the name of all that is holy would this handler NOT have her "service dog" neutered? Even the IAADP (The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners), which sets the standards for service dogs states, "".... Working assistance dogs are spayed and neutered to guarantee that sex drives will not interfere with their work ethic. Thus, they are eliminated from the breeding and gene pool."
Most trainers and/or training organizations will require a written document from your Vet stating that your dog is in tip top shape, spayed/neutered (and the date if available), and up to date on all required vaccinations (and the dates given). There is absolutely NO reason that the dog in this video shouldn't be neutered.  How do you think this pit bull "service dog" might react should it run into a female dog in heat? Do you think it might become uncontrollable? Aggressive? It would, at the VERY least, become very distracted and unable to perform its job! Who needs their service dog lunging to the end of it's leash, become highly distracted, and possibly aggressive, when it sees or smells a female dog in heat?  That's just good old common sense!

Last but not least, here's the thing that REALLY bothers me most about this video...the handler, which has an invisible disability (which I question anyway, just due to the fact that she chose a pit bull for a service dog), obviously hasn't been through any professional training with her "service dog." This is because any good trainer, who trains service dogs, will tell you that it is extremely dangerous to take your service dog on an escalator!! Again, why in the name of all that is holy would you put your service dog in this kind of danger, not to mention anxiety for the dog.  If you have half a brain, you know that dog's feet aren't like human feet, and most of the time, they aren't wearing shoes.  If you've ever seen the beginning step or ending step of an escalator you would know that it's very easy for a dog's toes/feet to become trapped in the escalator when getting on or getting off.  This is why every mall you have ever been to, has elevators.  This moron chooses to put her "service dog" in danger of serious injury just to avoid having to go a few extra steps to locate the elevator.

So when you hear of someone like myself doubting that a service dog is a REAL service dog because it's a pit bull, now you know why.

I still have yet to actually witness (in real life) a pit bull service dog in action.  If I ever do enter a business and witness one, you can bet I'm gonna find the exit real quick.  I bet a lot of other people will too.


Or This? 

Yes, we know.....kind of says it all, doesn't it? 


  1. Here in Ontario, all pit bulls must be muzzled and cannot be born after Nov 96, so luckily, that kind of eliminates the chance of seeing a pit bull as a service dog.

    Secondly, if I were in a store and someone with a pit bull came in, I'd explain to the staff that if the pit bull doesn't leave, then I will. And then I'd explain that if a pit bull attacks someone in their store, then they'd also be in small claims court.

    It's sad, but some people will never get it.

    1. My little dog is not a service dog, but she is my world since I am primarily bed-ridden. I would be devastated if she were attacked, because she is too tiny to survive no matter how fast we get her free. But I cringe on a whole new level when I see the threat pit bulls represent to highly trained real service dogs, and their fragile owners. Even if this were the only problem with pits, it should be enough motivation to eliminate the breed. I love to watch documentaries about service dogs, and the extreme precision that goes in to the selection, and training process. No citizen in a civilized society would allow, even perpetuate, the risks imposed by pit bulls. I have to be ever vigilant when walking my dog, but a blind person can't watch out into the distance to prepare to protect yourself and your dog. What ever we can do to stand up for you, and along with you. There are a lot of people catching on, and stepping up

  2. That's awesome, Jim! That makes me want to move to Ontario! I bet they don't pit bull attacks and maulings every few weeks then, do they? They do here. So it seems that BSL DOES WORK, doesn't it?! Thanks so much, Jim, for proving that!

    You're right, some people will NEVER get it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. I hope you get attacked by a poodle!!!

  3. Actually BSL does not work in Ontario, the bites accounts are the same they have not gotten any better. Also I could not watch the video because I am at school and it is blocked here but Pit Bulls are very smart dogs! I have had NO problem at all training mine what so ever. He is a star in his obeidence class! Also the trainer I go to is partically disabled or handycap is a better word(her back is not great, the dog she has that helps her out (I do not belive he is a serivce dog though) is a Doberman. Im not sure if you know this or not but Dobermans were once the Pit Bulls of the world and terribly feared by the public because the nazi soliders began using these dogs as attack dogs in World War II.
    Also once again you did not show a picture that depicted the average pit bull at all. You purposly found a picture to make the breed look terrifying and evil. Only a very small population of the pit bull breed(s) actually look like this and most of the time its because the owners purposly beefed them up. If you want I can send you a picture of my boy Wilson so you and everybody can see what a normal American Pit Bull Terrier looks like.
    Also back to the service dog thing, Im not sure if you have ever seen the show Pit Boss on animals planet but Shorty has chosen Hercules to be his service dog. If you ask me Hercules is just as fit to be a service dog as your Jade. Obviously if you want a pit bull or any other breed for a service dog you have to pick your dog wisely based on temperment, I think this is the main thing you have to chose from not the breed itself. I am not saying that Pit Bulls make the best service dogs either I am saying that they absolutly can make great service dogs as you can see with Hercules.

    1. Oh Tay, please don't be naive. Sometimes you do a better job at not sounding like a total nutter, but to flat out say that BSL doesn't work in Ontario or anywhere else is very nutter-like. Here's some proof that BSL does work....Toronto, Canada
      Population 2,503,281 | View Ordinance
      In a November 2011, public health statistics published by Global Toronto showed that pit bull bites dropped dramatically after Ontario adopted the Dog Owners Liability Act in 2005, an act that banned pit bulls:
      The number of dog bites reported in Toronto has fallen since a ban on pit bulls took effect in 2005, public health statistics show.
      A total of 486 bites were recorded in 2005. That number fell generally in the six years following, to 379 in 2010.
      Provincial laws that banned 'pit bulls,' defined as pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American pit bull terriers and dogs resembling them took effect in August 2005. Existing dogs were required to be sterilized, and leashed and muzzled in public.
      Bites in Toronto blamed on the four affected breeds fell sharply, from 71 in 2005 to only six in 2010. This accounts for most of the reduction in total bites. (See: Data chart)
      Patrick Cain, "Toronto dog bites fell after pit bull ban," Global Toronto, November 14, 2011 (

      Yes, that's Toronto, and not Ontario, but it's proof for you that BSL works. I'll have to do more research to find stats on Ontario specifically. It's fairly plain and simple. BSL works like this....if there are a lot of pit bulls in a specific city, there tend to be a lot of pit bull attacks and maulings, when you take away the pit bulls, the attacks and maulings stop. We're not talking about "bites," Tay, we are talking about pit bull maulings, NOT the same thing! Try not to twist it.

      I know you love your dog, Tay, but here's the deal...the rest of us love our dogs too! And we are SICK and TIRED of having our dogs attacked and mutilated by pit bull type dogs! The picture of that pit bull I put up is EXACTLY what pit bulls look like to the victims. Don't be like the rest of the nutters, incapable of any compassion and understanding whatsoever. Have the respect and put yourself above the rest of them at least.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.

    2. "Obviously if you want a pit bull or any other breed for a service dog you have to pick your dog wisely based on temperment,"

      you are incredibly naive. since a pit bull's dog aggression often doesn't present itself until the age of 4, that's a ridiculous comment.

    3. Okay yeah and how many Pit Bulls have you owned and meet?

    4. The website you gave me didnt have anything on it but once agian thats media, but I guess I will use media if you want to play that way.

      This is the important part of the article:
      Pit bull ban hasn’t cut dog bites
      Published On Wed Apr 28 2010Email Print
      Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on diggShare on deliciousRss ArticleComments (74)Nicholas Keung
      Staff Reporter

      Ontario’s five-year-old ban on pit bulls has not reduced the number of dog bites in the province by much, says a study by the Toronto Humane Society, which urges the government to review the law.

      On Wednesday, the society released statistics on dog bites reported by the province’s local health integration networks and medical officers of health between 1999 and 2009.

      There were 5,714 incidents in 2004, the year before the Liberal government rolled out breed-specific legislation to ban the sale and importation of pit bulls. Owners were required to get their pit bulls spayed or neutered, and must muzzle and leash them in public.

      Despite the law, the Humane Society found the number of dog bites dropped slightly to between 5,350 and 5,500 in the last four years.

      “It is clear that the new law has not worked. It has not reduced the number of dog bites and increased public safety. All it does is punishing one breed of dogs,” said society spokesman Ian McConachie.

      I dont care how many times you say it but BSL doesnt work so stop trying to make it happen. There are other ways to try to avoid dog bites and maulings. Mandatory spay and neuter for ALL breeds + cats unless you are a liscned breeder, in which then you should have to pass a number of qualifications. Also if you have a "feared" breed then it should also be mandatory that the dog or puppy attend obeidence class with a proffecional dog trainer to make sure the new owner is properly educated (this should go on until there is not a certian breed(s) of dogs in the media spotlight anymore).

    5. Tay, it's really exhausting to have to continue to keep having the same dumb conversation with you nutters. We always prove to you guys that BSL DOES work and you try and turn it around by saying "dog bite incidents have not declined," and that's always your argument for saying BSL doesn't work. Exhausting....ONCE AGAIN...WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT DOG BITES!!!!! We are talking about pit bull attacks, severe maulings, and deaths by dog. Why don't you LOOK AT THOSE NUMBERS!!!???? That is what we're trying to prevent and guess what when you compare THOSE numbers....BSL DOES WORK!!!!

      Yes, all dogs bite. Even my dog will bite under the right circumstances. Everyone understands that. BUT...and try to pay attention here....NOT ALL DOGS WILL SEVERELY MAUL THEIR VICTIMS, RIPPING THE FLESH FROM THEIR BONES, GRIPPING, HOLDING AND SHAKING UNTIL THEIR VICTIM IS DEAD! Now, do you get it? I doubt it, because you have closed your eyes and your ears to this fact and have refused to see the truth of it, right?!

      There are only certain breeds of dogs who attack and kill in such a manner. Most dogs, the average dog, does everything it can to prevent a bite before having to bite. The dog will bark to warn, growl to warn, even flee! At the LAST resort, a dog will bite when threatened. That is how NORMAL dogs behave. However, a dog that was bred for the purpose of fighting and killing, will NOT WARN and will look for any reason....ANY REASON.... to attack and kill. Sometimes it does that for NO REASON! Except the fact that it was bred for that specific purpose. My dog will sometimes go fetch things and bring them to me....the weirdest things sometimes....because she was BRED TO RETRIEVE, and it's just what she does.

      It is the SAME reason that certain breeds are the MOST CHOSEN to work as service dogs. The reason is their DNA, what they were bred for. The Lab, being bred to work and to retrieve, is a wonderful service dog, because it lives to pick things up, go get things, and bring them to its master. That's pretty handy when you are disabled and keep dropping things, or have a difficult time moving/getting up, and need your dog to get something and bring it to you. What in the name of all that is holy, would a pit bull service dog be so great at doing for a disabled person due to its DNA????!!! Maybe attacking and killing a person who is a possible threat??? C'mon, Tay! Open your eyes, and ears! Admit the truth about pit bulls.

    6. cont....

      Admitting the truth doesn't mean you can't choose to own a pit bull. It just means that as a responsible owner, you are willing to admit the truth about what your dog is capable of and take the appropriate steps to keep your neighborhood and community safe, by having a proper enclosure, and making sure your dog can NEVER "somehow" get loose. Take appropriate steps by not letting children play around with your dog because the truth is, the breed is unpredictable. It doesn't mean you can't own a pit bull. Even YOU said, that it's the owners that are the problem. The biggest part of the problem though, Tay, is that the owners are NOT willing to admit the truth about pit bulls, and take the appropriate measures. They're always saying, "pit bulls are just like any other dog," which is an outright LIE!!!! They're absolutely NOT just like any other dog. Admit that, and SECURE YOUR DOG!!! That's all we ask from pit bull owners, but they completely REFUSE to even admit the truth about their dogs. If they would admit the truth and take the appropriate measures to keep the public safe, we wouldn't have the attacks, maulings and deaths that we do now, thus we wouldn't even be having this EXHAUSTING conversation. Make sense?

      But the fact is that pit bull owners REFUSE to admit the truth and take appropriate measures to keep the public safe, therefore leading to attacks, maulings and deaths by pit bull...therefore leading law-makers to HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO ENACT BSL TO KEEP THE PUBLIC SAFE!!!! Get it?

      So, if you've been paying attention, Tay, you have concluded that pit bull owners are the ones forcing cities, counties, countries, and the law-makers therein to enact BSL.

      We don't want to have this fight. What we want is for pit bull owners to say, "Yes my dog is extremely powerful, unpredictable and bred to kill...yet I choose to own one anyway (for whatever reason)..but I WILL take the appropriate measures to MAKE SURE my dog NEVER gets out somehow, and NEVER has the opportunity to hurt ANYONE, except for me." And after saying so, ACTUALLY DO IT!!!!! If that would happen, Tay, I'd be a blissful bitch! I wouldn't have to be working so hard at making sure there are no more victims! Because PIT BULL OWNERS WOULD BE DOING THAT!!!!

      I hope you get it now. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.


    8. Pit bulls ranks 82 in a list of 100 dogs by intelligence. Not the sharpest pencils in the box, now are they?

  4. "unless you want to have a confrontation with a whole lot of business owners upon entering their business with your pit bull "service dog," choose another breed. Sure, you can get a lawyer, make a fuss and sue them, but is that really what you want to go through every time you go out with your service dog?"

    i think that is their goal.

    "If you have half a brain..."

    and there is the problem. even with law degrees, nutters fail to meet the minimum requirements.

    1. Well, I can't argue with that, Dawn. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  5. hey Dawn, thanks for the great tidbit, I thought it was age 2, pits have one hell of a learning curve...and Jewel, thanks for all your help, suggestions and support. I think you are amazing and very are doing a great service for those who depend on true service dog work

    1. Thank you, Anne, my wonderful friend! I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you, lovely! you are my support, my friend, and my inspiration! Keep up the good work! and...thank you for stopping by and commenting!

    2. 1-2 is the average "turn on" age. sometimes they are trying ti kill each around weaning age, sometimes they go until their senior years before that dog aggression expresses itself. ya never know.

    3. Dawn, thank you....I think that's the scariest thing about pit bulls, "ya never know..." That is what frightens me the most, and I don't get just how these pit bull owners can own a dog that they know, in the back of their minds, could at any point in time turn on them and brutally kill them.

      They've seen it happen again and again. They keep denying it out loud, in hopes of convincing themselves and others that this is not true, but deep inside, they know. Maybe that's why so many of them are ending up in shelters now days....maybe pit bull owners are saying to themselves, "Oh shit, another person got brutally mauled to death by their own pit bull....I never know if this one will do the's going to the shelter." If they'd only talk about this OUT LOUD, they'd save a lot of lives!!!!

      Thank you for reading my blog and taking time to comment, Dawn.

  6. I agree that there are a TON of ignorant pit bull owners out there who only serve to increase the bad rep that this breed gets, however we have to first understand that it's not the breed/dog, it is simply an uneducated human. Any dog, if deprived of focused/positive mental and physical exercise/training/stimulation, can turn into a problem dog, regardless of breed, gender, or size of the animal. I can turn your pictures around and find an insan amount of agressive looking german shepherds, labs, and goldens, and then find the most calm, sweetest "bully" breed as well. Your pictures are completely biased. But I guess that is why you started your own express your own biased opinion about animals. Pit Bulls have an exceptional work ethic and a need to please that will put the feelings of someone else over their own. That is why, when provided with focused and consistent training, this breed can make a more efficient service animal (emotional support, mobility support, or any type of therapy support) than many other breeds out there.

  7. A pitbull puppy - maybe six months old - attacked my Pomeranian. Only the fact that my dog hadn't had his summer shave saved him. Yet another pitbull puppy, a rescue maybe 4 months old, stalked my toddler nephew and knocked him down on several occasions. There may be a safe subset of pitbulls in their general population, but negligent/breeding for aggressiveness has soured me on the entire breed.

  8. Wow you are a really ignorant person. You should have a mussle you disabled bitch.

  9. A REAL service dog is a miracle and a thing of 'beauty and grace' to watch work. fake ones are the most disgusting things on the face of the earth...and their 'owners' as well.


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