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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Neela, The Guide Dog, Savagely Attacked By Pit Bull

I wanted to blog this one, and give it some special attention for a few reasons.

When I originally saw the video of this brutal and vicious pit bull attack on a beautiful, noble guide dog, it made my blood boil! I found it hard to sleep the night I saw this.  The insensitivity and lack of caring on the part of pit bull owners never ceases to amaze me! No matter how many times these vicious dogs attack, maul, maim and kill, their owners STILL refuse to admit the dangerousness of this breed and its threat to public safety.  They STILL DON'T CARE!!!  

There are SO many pit bull attacks in which the owners of the mutant pit bull/s just grab their dogs and flee the scene, which is worse than despicable, but this one just takes the cake for me! The woman was walking along, feeling a great sense of independence and freedom, that she now had this noble, and wonderful guide dog to be her eyes for her and give her a new lease on life.  This noble dog, Neela, was doing the work she was so very well trained to do for her blind handler, when a disgusting mutant pit bull, dove out and brutally savaged her, ripping her neck open, and leaving her handler terrified and powerless.  Then, to top it off, the loser, piece- of- shit mutant owner, does the most despicable and unimaginable thing possible....he grabs his ugly, mutant, vicious mauling machine, and flees, leaving the blind woman there, with her injured and bleeding guide dog with no help!    

What kind of person does such a thing???!!! The answer...A PIT BULL OWNER!!! Sorry, but here it is, the proof, in writing.  This is how these people behave! I could go on and on about that, but I won't...because all you have to do is google pit bull attacks, and see for yourself how many times the owners of these beasts just flee the scene after their mutant dogs rip someone's innocent pet, or God forbid, someone's innocent child, to pieces.....leaving them lying there in a pool of their own blood, with no help in sight.  Read the stories, then scroll down to the comments sections and read the comments that blame the innocent pet, or child for somehow provoking their sweet, gentle, wiggly butt pit bull into mauling them bloody, or dead. Yes, they're there...all you have to do is look.  You can go to a small, innocent, lovely little child's memorial page....that their parents have tearfully written through the worst grief of their lives, and see the comments by the pit bull cultists that blame that poor child for provoking the dog somehow, as if they somehow deserved to die this early, horrible, and brutal death....RIGHT THERE ON THE CHILD'S MEMORIAL PAGE!!!  What kind of people are these for the love of God!??? The answer, PIT BULL OWNERS!

Now, I am disabled. If you follow my blog you know this, you also know that my dog Jade is currently in training to be a service dog. But.....The one disability I can't imagine having, is to be blind.  When I even just try to imagine it, I feel an immense and overwhelming sense of powerlessness, and that is an extremely difficult emotion to endure for even a short time.  I can't imagine feeling that way for longer than a few moments. Don't get me wrong here, I don't want to pity anyone....I'm just trying to empathize, or put myself if someone else's shoes (for any pit bull owners that might be reading this).  I'm trying to understand what it might be like to be blind, and have to have help to go just about anywhere.  Then, at some point in your life, to acquire, through blood, sweat, tears, patience and a whole lot of money, a new set of eyes, in the form of a beautiful and noble guide dog.  Suddenly, there's new found independence, a new best friend, and a freedom you might NEVER have thought you'd have.  What an amazing gift! A true blessing! 


This is Neela
There you are, walking along, feeling independent and free, guided by your beautiful and noble friend...your guide dog, headed through the train station, going somewhere you've couldn't have gone before without your noble friend. When suddenly a vile, mutant-like creature, with an unquenchable thirst for blood, blasts out and away from it's just-as-vile and despicable owner, who thinks it's okay to drop the leash, while he has a smoke and a beer, and grabs your noble friend, your set of eyes, around her neck in a sincere effort to kill her dead.  Your whole, entire life has changed in an instant....and there you stand, blind, and confused, feeling such powerlessness as to drop your heart from your chest, as you listen to the scrambling noises, the frightful and gut-wrenching screams of your noble friend, as it tries to escape the death-grip of this vile mutant-like pit bull.  All you can do is feel your way to some semblance of what you hope is safety, and cry out for help, hoping your friend, your eyes, will somehow live through this nightmare.  When it's finally over, you hear the gut-wrenching screams of your noble friend stop, and you feel her come to you, finding you in your darkness, even in her own blinding pain, to see if you're okay. You reach down to feel her, tears streaming down your face, your hands shaking, and you know that it's blood you feel on her soft, wet fur, and your heart is broken.  Your life is broken.  Luckily, a caring passer-by, a witness, has called for help, and talks to you, helps you.  They tell you what happened, and tell you that the owner of the vile mutant that has broken your dog, your heart, and your life, has taken his dog and fled the scene, without even so much as an apology to you. 

Now you tell does that feel?! 
This is only me, writing about this story, and what I've read, trying to imagine it happening.  But it didn't happen to me, so I can't really, truly feel what that poor woman felt when this happened to her. I can try to empathize though, something pit bull owners do not have the ability to do, obviously. Make no mistake, this is VERY traumatic, and it doesn't just go away.  Something like this has lasting consequences for the person and the dog, but I wanted to blog this because after all, it has a somewhat happy ending.  The woman and the dog are doing well, not to say that this has not completely changed their lives, but they are okay.  The guide dog, Neela, somehow miraculously survived and even more miraculously is still able to work! This is rare.  There are a lot of service dogs that experience something like this, unfortunately, and can no longer perform their job anymore, if they're lucky enough to survive, and have to be retired, and the handler has to move on and through the search, training, blood, sweat, tears, patience and money it takes to acquire a new service dog once again. 

The public is NOT educated about service dogs/guide dogs. This is painfully obvious to me when I go out with my service dog. I've blogged about that previously. THESE ATTACKS NEED TO STOP! People have NO idea what it takes to acquire and/or train a service dog/guide dog, and learn to work together as a team. 

So when you see a service dog team or guide dog team, please have a little respect. Try to understand how it might feel to have someone ask you questions like, "What's wrong with you?" or "What do you need that dog for?" Please refrain from just reaching out and petting someone's service or guide dog, and remember that when you do that, or let your children do that, you are distracting a working dog from doing its job, a very important job. These are not just pets, they are providing a service to their handler and for a good reason.



Now, I do have to say, to be fair, that not ALL pit bull owners are this way. But that's a given, I think.  There are some pit bull owners that would actually apologize for their mutant's behavior, and that might even stick around to lend a hand.  Those type of owners, however, are few and far between.  At least that is certainly how it appears when you read about all of these brutal attacks.


  1. The truth is for every 1 good pit bull owner, there's 99 idiots. When my story hit the media, there were readers that left rude comments on the web pages, saying that dogs will be dogs and my dog likely provoked the pit bull (from my living room) and then they said that we were just trying to "cash in" on our son's Asperger's.

    Some people are destined to be stupid, but what I don't understand is why all the stupid people want to own pit bulls.

    1. You got it, Jim. No one with half a brain would want to own these types of dogs after what they've seen them do, and know what they're capable of. I hate it when they say, "All dogs bite." Yeah? No kidding! But not all dogs rip and tear and shred its victim until its dead, with a death grip, and can withstand terrible pain in order to complete this mission. That is a fighting breed dog ONLY! That's what they're bred for and it's what they do best!

      I am so sorry about what happened to you and your family, Jim. I figured you had dealt with hearing those types of insensitive, rude and vile comments from the pit bull cultists, as all victims have. It's really disgusting how they have absolutely NO capability for empathy or compassion. These people really make me sick.

      RIP Max.

      Thank you for reading and taking time to comment, Jim.

  2. Guide dogs seem to especially be a favorite target for the Nanny dog.

    1. So sad, Cinnamon. I hate to see this happen to any dog, child, anyone! But it does happen, and it happens all too often. These dogs need to be BANNED, there's no other way. We can't keep waiting for the pit bull owners to become responsible people that are suddenly capable of empathy and compassion. BAN THE PIT BULLS!

    2. It seems in the UK to be a really huge problem. I need to ask you, as guide dogs was not something I worked with in my years in the disability community, if attacked would a guide dog fight back? Or would that vary depending on the dog and situation?

  3. Cinnamon, yes. It is a huge problem in the UK as well. I have read many article about these pit bull attacks on guide and service dogs in the UK. It's very sad. These guide dogs are trained to be very docile and not to ever fight. Most of them just try to escape the mauling; I've honestly never heard of one of them fighting back. Some handlers have said that they just let go of their guide dog and afford it the opportunity to defend itself, but it just tries to get away, not fight back. I suppose there might be one or two who tried to fight in defense, but I haven't heard of that. Thanks for asking...and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

  4. I always like to become more aware of things in the dog world that I'm not very familiar with. And anything with disabilities has a special place in my heart. I've read so many of those attacks in the UK and my heart just goes out to the owners(besides of course the guide dogs) of those poor guide dogs who often physically can't protect their dogs.

    1. Me too, Cinnamon. That is why I chose to blog this particular story. There are, unfortunately, so many stories like this, and so many of them turn out so much worse. It's sad, and frustrating beyond words, that a disabled person can't even walk down the street with their service/guide dog without the fear of a brutal and traumatizing attack by pit bull.

      Just another reason why these dogs need to be banned. Thank you for commenting.

  5. Check this out.It has my Pit Bull in some of my videos. I want you to see what a good dog he is.

  6. That's great, Tay....but it proves nothing. Do you have one out of the hundreds of pit bulls that haven't attacked, or won't attack and injure someone? If you do, that's great. But it doesn't prove anything. We all know that not all pit bulls are going to attack, hurt and/or kill someone or someone's pet. The problem is, no one can tell which one will and which one won't. Thanks for sharing though, and taking time to comment.

  7. This is very sad. Your report on Neela's death helped me to understand how crucial a Service Dog can be in the life of its owner. I can't imagine the sort of intimate pain and trauma that would ensue if a person's service dog was killed in this heinous fashion.

    What a disgusting thing the owner of this pit bull did (the pit bull is no shining star, either).

    There was a guy in my Anthropology seminar--he couldn't see; always had his eyes closed or wore dark glasses. He used a cane and used to sit by me in the first row. Young man--about 20? 22? One day he came in with a seeing-eye dog and it was AMAZING! It was the best trained dog I'd ever seen. It was a yellow lab, btw.

    I'd see the man around campus or my neighborhood--that dog would help him cross the street, stay on the curb, carry his books, go in the automatic door for the elevator, and more. I witnessed that dog fetch a dropped writing pen! It struck me as being a magical dog, really.

    What a good service these dogs provide, and their trainers must really know dogs inside and out.

  8. Thank you for sharing this Miss Margo! These dogs are a true blessing for the disabled. They do such amazing things, and are completely selfless in their loving and helping their handlers. I'm so happy for the young man you spoke of, that was finally afforded a guide dog to assist him with his daily activities, what a blessing for him! I bet now that he has that dog, he can't imagine life without it! Thanks so much for sharing that.

    I can't imagine the trauma these dogs and handlers go through when pit bulls attack their service dogs. It's a nightmare! That's why I wanted to post this; I want people to try and understand the horror of it, and what it does to the dog and the handler. Luckily this team survived, but so many others haven't. People need to be respectful to service dog teams. When you see a team out there working together, just know that it's been one amazing journey for them just getting there, and now they deserve to live in happiness and peace.....and independence; the independence they've worked so hard to acquire. Thank you Miss Margo, for reading and taking time to comment. It means a lot!

  9. I guess you have never seen any of these videos: (this one is good)
    Im sure you will have nothing wrong with these videos (if you do please say it) cause these dogs are helping people and are not fake. I hope you can clearly see in the second video how calm and well trained the dog is, probably just like yours.

    1. Tay, again, this proves nothing. You have found videos of two pit bulls that have not attacked, mauled, and/or killed someone or someone's pet. That's great. It proves nothing. Sorry to have to tell you that. I've already stated that everyone knows that not ALL pit bulls will attack, maul/maim, or kill, but the problem is, you never know WHICH one will, and which one won't. By the way....Ruby is a Therapy dog, not a service dog. Not the same thing. I tried to get through the long video of the weird lady talking, but it was too painful. Thanks for commenting though.

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    1. Thank you Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by!

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