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Friday, April 20, 2012

Fit For The Pit

First, I want to say that the reason I discuss pit bulls at all on this blog is because of things like this....

If you see the page entitled "Service Dog Dangers" on this blog, you will see many, many more of these types of pit bull attacks on service dogs.  Disgusting and devastating, isn't it?!

The ASPCA says....

pit bull
In recent years, Pit Bulls have gained more than just a foothold in public awareness. Unscrupulous breeding and negative media attention have resulted in many apartment complexes, neighborhoods and even counties imposing bans on Pits and Pit mixes, citing them as "inherently dangerous" to the public.
Pit Bulls often attract the worst kind of dog owners—people who are only interested in these dogs for fighting or protection. While Pit Bulls were once considered especially non-aggressive to people, their reputation has changed, thanks to unscrupulous breeders and irresponsible owners. And because the Pit Bull population has increased so rapidly, shelters now struggle to deal with an overflow of image-plagued, hard-to-place dogs.

History of the Breed

Pit Bulls are descendants of the original English bull-baiting dog—a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. "Bulldogs" were bred to hang on without releasing their grip, until the animal was exhausted from fighting and from loss of blood. When baiting large animals was banned in the 1800s, people then started to fight their dogs against each other instead.
As the "sport" of dog fighting developed, enthusiasts bred a lighter, more athletic canine. These dogs made their way to North America, the ancestors of today's Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls that were not used for fighting were considered ideal family pets—affectionate, loyal and gentle with children. Serious problems started when these dogs gained the attention of people looking for a macho dog—and to meet their demands, unscrupulous and uncaring breeders are producing puppies that were not only aggressive to other dogs, but also to people.

In the Fighting Ring

Although a felony offense in all 50 states, organized dog fights still take place in many parts of the country. In some urban areas especially, dogfighters have formed a strong subculture. Dogs that fight are bred and conditioned to never give up when they are fighting, even if it means that they will be badly hurt or killed. Other animals are victims of dog fights, too—it's not uncommon for trainers to encourage their dogs' aggression by using other dogs and smaller animals such as cats, rabbits and rodents as bait.
While some might typify dog fighting as a symptom of urban decay, not every dogfighter is economically disadvantaged. Participants and promoters come from every community and all backgrounds, with audiences including lawyers, judges and teachers and other upstanding community leaders.
Unfortunately, a new element has been introduced to the world of dog fighting over the past two decades. Fights have become informal street corner and playground activities. Stripped of the rules and formality of the traditional pit fight, these spontaneous events are triggered by insults and turf invasions—or even the simple taunt, "My dog can kill your dog." 
So here's my question, if the ASPCA states that pit bulls are descendants of the bull-baiting dogs that were bred to "hang on without releasing their grip, until the animal was exhausted from fighting and from loss of blood," then what's wrong the pit bull owners? Yes, the owners who continue to insist that this is NOT the case! Even the ASPCA clearly states that pit bulls were bred for the sport of dog fighting and as they continue to be bred by irresponsible, "unscrupulous and uncaring" breeders they became more aggressive toward other dogs and even people.  So why is it that pit bull owners continue to deny this truth and violently attack anyone who repeats it? 
It seems that everyone knows this is the truth about pit bulls, except for the pit bull owners.  
I do realize that the pit bull owners are attempting to improve the reputation of the breed and to diminish or eradicate the stigma attached to it, but I really don't believe that telling outright lies and viciously attacking those who discuss the origin of the breed, is the way to accomplish their mission. In fact, it makes them appear even less than substandard.  
If you haven't any experience in "debating" with or dealing with pit bull owners on any level, let me enlighten you.  Here are just a few comments by pit bull owners in defense of their dog and man killers...
1) "Let's be honest.  Your a fucking complete and utter moron, you obvisuly have had no experience with a larger bread of dog.  you have no love, no care for living things, why don't I abuse you, perhaps provoke u, force you too fight for the amusement of other people.  It's people like YOU!  that give the breed a bad name, fuckheads like YOU!  who make people THINK they are aggressive.  people like you! need to be taken out of family homes.  not these magnificient creatures.  I hope you fucking rott in hell, your filth." 
2) "I'd luv to have one my friends pitbulls crap on your face and then piss in ur mouth - rot in hell!  u have no damn clue about the breed so STFU..."

3) "How about canine safety with all breeds --so ignorant children don't become part of an ignorant statistic by a group of humans who are blatantly ignorant" (yes, "ignorant children.")

4) "Go fuck yourself.  I hope your children have their assholes pounded out by your neighbor & his faggot ass friends.  If u as a parent can't protect your children and feel the need to have the gov step in & do it for you, then u shouldn't be parenting in the 1st place.  Control your kids worry about u and others.  Stay out of my business.  I have the same rights as you.  Want a lot of the same things in life as u.  Don't try dictate how anyone else achieves their happiness.
5) "Now fuck off who the hell are u??  A worthless fucking scank whore!!  U have no facts and no logic all ur doing is bashing people and stating ur dumb ass opinions!!  U have no validity to ur argument ur just a mean, nasty, ugly, hate spreading cunt!!  U are very stupid and not very well spoken and I sure hope u don't have kids!!  Jesus I can't imagine what those little bastards will grow up to act like, prolly stupid mouthy cuntface bitches like their worthless bottom feeding whore of a mother!!
Now, if it's true that pit bull owners are attempting to improve the reputation of the breed and eradicate the stigma attached to it, do you think this is the way to go about it? Thankfully, these comments were not directed at me, but even if they were, they would be ignored.  In fact, I do receive some comments from pit lovers, and have "debated" with some on the internet, and their comments, I should say their attacks, were very similar to these.  
Pit bull owners continue to argue that their dogs are not dangerous, and were not bred for the specific purpose of fighting. They say that they are not fighting breed dogs.  Hmmmm...well, it seems that everyone knows the truth except for them.  If they are really interested in improving the reputation of the breed, and eradicating the stigma attached to the breed, then maybe they should start by admitting the truth and working from there.  Their lies are definitely NOT helping them accomplish their mission.  
Is this what you want barreling down the street after your service dog?

Also, it would certainly help to start containing their fighting breed dogs appropriately so these vicious, brutal and devastating attacks on children, people's pets and guide/service dogs would STOP. But then....when you think of that happening, you have to consider the type of people we're talking about here. We're talking about pit bull owners that first of all, won't even admit what their dogs were bred for, and these are the same people who respond with comments such as the ones above (see 1-5). 
I really DO NOT see these people becoming more mature, accepting what their dogs were bred for (i.e. the truth), and doing a better job at breeding, raising, and becoming more responsible in terms of appropriate containment for their fighting breed dogs. 
This is what a pit bull should like.

This is why I, and most intelligent, caring, compassionate people, would like to see pit bull type dogs go extinct, through bans on breeding, and mandatory spay/neuter laws.  In the meantime, since these pit bull owners can't handle the truth and be responsible owners, I would encourage all city councils to enact laws that include, mandatory muzzles for pit bull type dogs, no more legal adoptions of pit bull type dogs through shelters, rescues, etc., mandatory microchip, and mandatory containment regulations.  
The fact is, that pit bulls were bred to fight in a pit.  Dog fighting is now illegal, so why are these dogs still around? 
The work of a pit bull.

There are so many other breeds of dog to choose from, that need homes.  Pit bulls are only fit for the pit.


  1. Thanks for putting this out there. The world needs to see what's going on.

    1. Thanks Jake! Glad you stopped by, and thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate the feedback.

  2. Wow, the comments you found were doozies! Love that they have trouble spelling every word except the F word - that, they have a handle on!

    "If they are really interested in improving the reputation of the breed, and eradicating the stigma attached to the breed, then maybe they should start by admitting the truth and working from there. Their lies are definitely NOT helping them accomplish their mission."

    Hit nail on head - BANG!

    Fantastic post, and fantastic blog! l enjoy reading about your journey with Jade and learning so much about how a real self-trained service dog and handler work, train, and build a partnership. I feel like I know Jade (and I love her!) and your trainer sounds great, too.

    Your blog is important because it shows people the difference between a service dog and a pet in a detailed and personal way.

    1. Hey Snack Sized Dog! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I've seen other comments of yours, and I'm glad you stopped by here too. I'm so glad to know that others are also learning and enjoying my journey with Jade. Thankfully, those comments weren't directed at me, but like I said, I've had some similar ones come my way...I ignore them. But I do think that people should know what these owners are like. Seems most people already know what the dogs are like, except for the owners.

      So glad you're enjoying my blog. I'm new to the blogging thing, but I'm enjoying it as well. Thanks for taking time to read and comment.

  3. @I really DO NOT see these people becoming more mature, accepting what their dogs were bred for (i.e. the truth), and doing a better job...

    There are actually scientific studies on pit bull owners, here's two examples:

    These affirm our own intuitive diagnoses, which we base on watching their behavior both in non-virtual reality and on the Internet.

    Another well justified intuitive diagnosis is that the great majority of them are in the bottom two centiles of the IQ distribution. This means IQs of 84 or lower, basically approaching borderline mentally retarded. This means that they will be unable to oversee and handle complex situations (such as owning a killer dog), but also that they will be easily confused and influenced when it comes to making moral decisions. [See: The Bell Curve, Chapter 1 and page 543, paragraph 'CRIME']

    So they are different from the vast majority of us. I know none of us like to think of our neighbors this way, but knowing these things might help decrease distress when dealing with them. Decrease our feeling of cognitive dissonance, of 'How can this be in a normal world with a normal person?' Knowing they are not normal can give us the emotional distance to realize we can't expect the pit bull owner to understand our logic, our morals, and thus to stop arguing with them in the hope of getting some kind of normal response.

    I write this here because knowing what science says about the majority of pit bull owners can spare us this added hurt on top of what we're already going through. It should also spur legislators get off their behinds and take the decision about owning pit bulls out of the hands of the group that wants them.

    1. Sputnik, thank you so much for your comment and your input. I couldn't agree more! The articles you provided (websites) really do enlighten, to say the least. I don't bother arguing with them anymore, as they just don't, and will never, get it. Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment, and for your insightful input.

  4. Good blog entry, Jewel! I've added it to my blog. I have always said there are 160+ purebred and thousands of their mixtures. Why anyone would chose a pitbull is beyond me.

    1. Thank you Cinnamon. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for adding to your blog. I definitely appreciate that, and the feedback.

    2. I read through your blog, and I have to disagree with you on the origins of breeding purposes of the Pit Bull. "The American Pit Bull Terrier’s many talents did not go unnoticed by farmers and ranchers who used their APBTs as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions" ( Everyone is entitled to an opinion over anything, and this is simply mine. They were not bred for fighting. It's irresponsible PEOPLE who over the years have trained and bred these dogs for fighting, that make people like you all think this. I own a Pit Bull, and because I am a responsible owner, he is a very friendly dog. He loves people, gives kisses to children, loves his belly rubbed and loves to play with my other dog that is a Boxer. ANY dog can bite and be aggresive if he is put into the wrong hands, however, the media and unknowledgeable general public make it out to be that the Pit Bull is the only one worth talking about. It's all about imprinting fear on people who don't understand. I am also a certified trainer and groomer, and I can honestly that as such, I've come across more small breeds of dogs that are far more aggresive than any Pit Bull I have ever come across. I have groomed several dogs of various breeds including Pit Bulls. Of those, the ones that would snap or misbehave were the little fluff ball lap dogs that people carry around in purses and baby them to death. I have also groomed pit bulls and maybe one or two of them got a little grumpy, but nothing compared to the little ones. Enough said...

    3. Anonymous, this seems to be the type of comments we hear all the time by pit bull defenders. "All dogs bite....the little ones are the most guilty of being moody and's the fault of irresponsible's the media's fault for blowing it out of proportion." Pit bull defenders refuse to hear anything different. Yes, everyone has their own opinion, and that's why I have my blog, so I can feel free to post my own opinion. But, there are also a lot of facts here.

      Pit bulls were bred as fighting dogs. This is true today as was true as far back as the early 1900s. Pit bulls were used for the amusement of people, who watched them kill a bull, or a bear, or some other large animal, or fight each other to the death in a pit. Thus the name "pit bull."

      Everyone knows, yes, even people like myself that all dogs can and will bite under the right circumstance. However, not all dogs are "game" desperately holding, shaking and tearing at their victim, despite the pain it endures, and not stopping until its victim is dead. Normal dogs don't do this... only pit bull type dogs do this. It is the way they are bred. They are bred for their "gameness." If you're a trainer, truly, and you don't know this....well, then I can't help you. My trainer is well aware of the capability her pit bull has and is willing to admit the facts about pit bulls, which makes her a responsible owner. Because she can admit the facts, and still chooses to own a pit bull, she can take the proper precautions with her pit bulls and keep the public safe. If you refuse to admit the facts about your dogs, and say "they're just like any other dogs," then YOU are one of those people that are putting the public at risk by treating your pit bull as if it were just like any other dog, when IT'S CLEARLY NOT.

      Let me say this too...just because someone has a different opinion about pit bulls than your own, or is willing to admit the facts about pit bulls, doesn't make then "unknowledgable," as you say, or ignorant, as a lot of pit bull defenders say. Like I said to Tay below....just because you admit the facts about pit bulls, doesn't mean you can't own one, it just means that you are willing to take the proper measures to ensure the safety of the public. It doesn't sound like you are one of those people. Sorry to say it, but that's exactly what it sounds like.

      I'm glad that you have a nice pit bull, and maybe it's one of those that will live out its whole life without hurting anyone, and maybe not. The fact is, that you don't know, until you know. Clearly not every pit bull will hurt, attack or kill someone in its lifetime, the problem is, we just don't know which one will and which one won't.

      The truth is, I've heard everything you've said here one hundred times, if not a thousand. The fact is, that pit bull type dogs continue to attack, maim, maul and kill people and other dogs more than all other types of dogs combined. That is a serious problem. Sure little dogs get snappy, but little dogs don't maul people to death. No other dog does this at the alarming rates that pit bulls currently are.

      As far as the media is concerned, they report what happens. They report more pit bull attacks, because pit bulls attack more and more often than all other types of dogs combined. Don't blame the media for reporting the news.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    4. I am as responsible as any other person thank you very much. I am a knowledgeable trainer and I know what precautions to take...just because you are choosing to believe I am ignorant. I also know what my dog is capable of, but I also know that he will not do those things. He happens to be a trained service dog, and we visit nursing homes and children's hospitals as well as being a CGC dog. Ok so I'm not stupid...although you're making me out to look that way. And on another note, not all of these dog attack victims or witnesses report the real truth. They see the attack happen. They don't see what leads up to the attack. Dogs, just like people can be provoked to fight back. However, dogs don't have the patience like people do to control matter what breed. Also, these people don't ask logical questions. Was this dog provoked? Was he abused or neglected by his owner or someone else and he feels he needs to protect himself? It so happens that my pit bull got hit a couple of times by my neighbor's kid with a stick and I just happened to step in before it got ugly because I saw that my dog was getting noticeably irritated. Had anything happened, that kids parents would have blamed my dog, not their kid for being mean and not the parents for not educating their child on how to be safe around a strange dog, and my dog would have been the one to suffer. It will be over my dead body if someone tries to take my dog away from me.

    5. Anonymous, in no way, shape or form am I trying to make you look stupid. A couple things I'd like to say here.....First, you stated that your pit bull is a "service dog" and has its CGC. I think that's great! I think it's great that you have trained your dog and are taking more responsibility for it than other owners do. If all pit bull owners would do the same, the streets would be safer for children and old ladies attempting to check their mail.

      However, you can't call your dog a "service dog" if it's a therapy dog. It certainly sounds to me like your dog is a therapy dog, since you said it's visiting nursing homes, children in hospitals, etc. That is a therapy dog, and therapy dogs are not afforded the same public access rights as are Certified Service Dogs. They are two different things.

      Secondly...when you speak of reports of attacks and victims not reporting accurately, you said that reporters fail to ask the right questions, such as "was this dog provoked....what was done to the dog, etc" That is the same thing I hear from all pit bull defenders. That is what I call the blame-the-victim technique. Many types and breeds of dogs are abused, mistreated, live in back yards, and even provoked (as you say) and still do not viciously attack and maul, gripping their victim until it is dead. It's very noble of you to jump in when you saw the kid hitting your dog with a stick, as I would do as well; however, there are MANY dogs that tolerate this type of behavior from children and adults, for that matter, without lashing out and viciously attacking and killing. Pit bulls are notorious for this type of behavior.

      Furthermore, there is only ONE type of dog that requires the use of a "break stick" and that is a pit bull. If you would stop blaming victims, stop denying the truth about pit bulls and what your dog is capable of, then city councils, counties, and states would stop having to regulate your pit bulls, as you would be taking the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the public. Sounds like you are failing in this regard, therefore you leave the law makers no choice but to do it for you.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. You're absolutely right Jewel. Pit bulls have been used inappropriately for hundreds if not thousands of years. You just can't undo evolution.

  6. You got it, Jim! I just don't understand why pit bulls weren't made illegal along with the dog fighting, since that is the weapon of dog fighters. If it was illegal to smoke, then I guess selling cigarettes would also be illegal, right? Doesn't make any sense at all. These dogs ARE NOT appropriate family pets, and have NO place in our society. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment, Jim. I appreciate the feedback.

  7. Great post! And, why is it for some reason, our battles have become what feels like a full on war? I would like to believe it's because our impact is being felt. We are a growing little army, with many tales to tell. Our goal, is to save others from what we have been through, it is admirable, authentic and so vitally important. They would like to have us be quiet, and roll over like the ones who have been bullied so harshly have. But we won't, we aren't, not until this type of dog is regulated. I have found, with some good hard research this week, that so many communities around me have listed pitbulls in the restricted category when it comes to dog regulations, quick searches have found 0 pitbull incidents in those communities since the regulations have been put in place. One of the most simple regulations, is a muzzle, a simple device that could prevent so many victims. Too bad some fur parents think muzzles makes their dogs look ugly. In the big scheme of my world, if I was to see a muzzled pit, I would have some respect for it's owner, a pit without a muzzle to me, has a POS at the end of leash. I wish the owner of the dog that got my child had worn a muzzle...perhaps it would have saved my child future reconstructive surgery. How can my child's pain and suffering be worth less than the aesthetics of a dog?

    1. You're right, Anne. If I had a dog that was bred for the purpose of fighting and killing, (if I chose to own it knowing the stigma attached to it) I wouldn't have a problem muzzling it. Especially if it's already hurt someone or someone's pet, or service dog. Pit bull owners are the worst kind of dog owners, and they choose these dogs for all the wrong reasons. They choose pit bulls to intimidate others, to try and prove they can somehow train the DNA out of it, to look tough, or protect their drug stashes. It just doesn't make sense that fighting breed dogs are still being adopted out, when dog fighting is illegal.

      I'm so sorry about what happened to your child, Anne. That pit bull owner will suffer the consequences one way or another. As they all do. These dogs just have no place in society, or in family homes, period.
      Thanks for stopping by Anne and taking time to comment. I always love seeing your comments.

    2. Great post!

      I don't know if you were at Saturday's Earth Day fair at Reid Park in Tucson, but I was. There was a dog adoption area off to one side of the park. Several breed adoption (I won't call them "rescue") groups in attendance.

      However, I don't know who was responsible for the pit bull that was being walked around the fair with a huge "adopt me" banner on its back. From a distance, that banner looked like the same sort of thing that a service dog would wear.

      I did see the humane society's van there, and I don't know if they were the organization that brought the banner pit. However, I do know that they have used pit bulls on bus bench advertising around town.

      Methinks that the humane society is part of the problem.

    3. Hello Anonymous,
      No I was not at Reid Park for the Earth Day fair, but I would have to agree that the Humane Society is part of the problem. They are pushing those pit bulls, like a drug dealer pushing drugs! Most of the dogs at the shelter are pit bulls, and that is plain to see just by going to their website and looking at adoptable dogs. I had a difficult time finding anything but a pit bull for adoption. I'm certain that the vest the pit bull you speak of wore, was wearing it for the purpose of improving its image. If it looks like a service dog, maybe it's really a great dog, "let's give it a chance." (eyes rolling)

      The humane society employees are often part of the pit bull crowd that are desperately trying to get them adopted out in an effort to decrease the euthanizing of pit bulls, thinking that more adoptions will somehow improve the reputation of the breed. This is only making things worse. The unsuspecting public goes in to adopt a dog, and comes out with a dog they have been told is a "Lab mix," only to get it home and have something horrible happen, or find out the truth....that it's really a pit bull mix. At which time they return it to the shelter, and around and around we go. I've had people tell me that they went to the shelter to adopt and found a hound there with one day left before it was to be euthanized...but the shelter was not promoting it....instead they tried to talk her into getting a pit bull. She was furious and let them know it! And took the hound home! This is what WE ALL need to be doing. Let them know that you're not falling for the hype.

      The shelters have been known to label dogs as "Lab mixes" instead of "pit bull mixes" in order to get them adopted out. This is why people need to be educated. KNOW what these pits and mixes look like. KNOW what a pit bull is, and what it looks like in a mixed dog as well. Don't buy into the pit crowd hype that says "no one can accurately identify a pit bull without a DNA test." That's crap! It's fairly easy to tell.

      I could go on and on about this issue, but it seems to me that you've got a good handle on it. Don't let them fool you, and let everyone you know in on it. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment. I appreciate the feedback.

    4. It's your anonymous Reid Park Earth Day fair reporter with a question. Take a look at this Tucson Citizen post:

      What's up with this "discounted adoptions for animals difficult to adopt" stuff? Is "difficult to adopt" a euphemism for pit bulls? And, if so, why are they being offered at a discount?

      Last I checked, the Pima Animal Care Center was part of the county health department. Don't they have a duty to protect the public health and safety?

    5. You would think that they do have a duty to protect the public health and safety, Anonymous, but they certainly don't do that. If they were protecting the health and safety of the public, they wouldn't be pushing pit bulls as they do. Most people know that pit bulls are dangerous dogs and shouldn't be used as pets in family homes, but no, not the shelters.

      It seems that no one is listening to the victims. The victims need to have a voice, and that's why we are doing this.....Please see,

      The Nogales shelter has stopped adopting out pit bulls, as they are "too much of a liability." I wish Tucson would get with the program as well. I really appreciate your feedback, anonymous. It definitely sounds like you understand a huge part of the problem.

      Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

  8. If you look back further though the pit bull was not only used for bull baiting and dog fighting but also as a farm dog. Also I know that these dogs have stong jaws but do hold on but they DONT lock their jaws. I have pulled a stick out of my pit bulls mouth before... I guess I must be pretty strong.
    Also stop putting pictures up of pit bulls that look nothing like pit bulls.

    1. I hate to break it to you, Tay, but those are pit bulls. Pit bulls have a tendency to look different, depending on how they are raised, trained, etc. Some people take their pit bulls to weight trials, etc. I realize you have one of the smaller pit bulls, and that's because you choose not to make it pull weight, or hang from tires,etc. But there are a lot of owners out there doing that.

      I'm pretty sure we all know by now that pit bulls don't have jaws that lock, but they do have brains that lock. Meaning when they bite, the don't let go, because it's their brains that lock into kill mode. Their jaws no, their brains, yes.

      I have a feeling Tay, that soon, you will be on our side. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.

    2. Tay, no one here has said anything about pit bulls locking their jaws. You're the only one who has mentioned it.

      Also, if those aren't pit bulls then Stubby wasn't a pit bull either based on looks alone. Except the only difference is that there are facts that prove Stubby wasn't. I don't think you know that a "pit bull" is a type of dog, not a breed. And those above are pit bullls.

  9. If you think people who like pit bulls are rude with comments, I should share some of what misswoohoo11 says in YouTube. It is more vile than all of those comments, the lady is filled with hatred. She wishes my pit bull gets hit by a car, I would NEVER wish that about anyone's dog, even her golden. She wants to shot pit bull puppies, that is disgusting. She has also used the most vile language possible.

    1. Tay, I don't really think that's appropriate to say publicly either. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it should be stated respectfully. I too have been guilty of not being respectful at times, but usually because I am defended myself to some pit apologist that has brutally attacked me.

      I know that pit defenders love their dogs, but what they don't seem to understand is that we love our dogs too! And we are sick and tired of pit bulls tearing our dogs to shreds and killing them. People are tired of it. Whether it's the owners' fault or the dogs' fault is irrelevant really; it doesn't matter who's fault it is....the fact is that it's happening and it needs to STOP.

      Pit defenders need to understand that when someone's pet has been brutally mauled to death by a pit bull, there is a lot of grief, anger, sadness, and other emotions that are very deep and very strong. Imagine that happening to your's very hard to bear. Pit defenders don't seem to have any empathy or caring whatsoever, and that's another thing we're tired of. That's why I posted these comments from pit defenders. So everyone can see how they behave. Don't let yourself be one of those people.
      Thanks for commenting.

    Read this article please, I think you might find it interseting but I really dont know.
    Also why didnt you post my comment about the golden attack of the baby? The golden attack sounds so familar to a pit bull attack "oh the dog was so friendly" "it never showed any aggression." Yeah but guess what it was a GOLDEN MIX (with lab maybe some collie)! So far there has been minimum media reports on that attack and the police are going so far into it to saying that the parents killed the baby...yeah okay, if it was a pit bull there would be no investigation, no autopsy, it would just be the pit bull killed the baby and its because its a pit bull, end of story. Also this story of the golden attack, if you look at some of the reported pictures, the people had a junky house...just saying all of the attacks and bites I have read about (includes all breeds) the houses have been not so nice, which lead me to believe the family does not have alot of money and therefore can not properly train their dog if it has behavioral problems.

    1. Tay, one of the reasons that I didn't post your comment about the Golden mix attack was this...a lot of pit bull apologists (pit bull defenders) are gloating over this attack on the baby as if it were a good thing...sort of celebrating it by saying "see, see it wasn't a pit bull, haha!" I don't think that's appropriate at all. I don't think it's respectful to the family of this child to post comments that seem to gloat about the attack and seem happy about it because it wasn't a pit bull, even if it's only a little bit. I just don't think it's appropriate or respectful to the family.

      Having said that, I think it's pretty clear that most people, as well as myself, know that pit bulls aren't the only ones that attack and kill children, and other pets. Many dogs have done it (there was also a lab puppy who killed an infant back in 2008). However, I can say, after doing the research and talking to the people I have, that pit bulls do this sort of thing more and more often than all other breeds of dogs combined (Annals of Surgery 2011).

      Please understand that those of us who talk about the dangers of pit bulls know for a fact, that it's not just pit bulls who attack, bite, kill, and yes, we know that ANY dog can and will sometimes bite under the right circumstances. We all understand that, contrary to what pit apologists say about us. It is the pit bull defenders that are in denial that pit bulls do it more than all other dogs combined, and much more often. For whatever it the fault of the dogs owners or the dogs themselves, this is a HUGE problem for the safety of the public.

      I believe that the dogs and the owners are the problem as far as pit bulls go. The dogs are extremely powerful, strong, bull-headed, "game," and were bred/used for the specific purpose of fighting in a pit. There is no other type of dog that is comparable to the pit bull type dogs. There is no other type of dog that will hold on, regardless of the pain that is inflicted upon it, until its victim is dead. The dog doesn't consume its victim most of the time, therefore killing for no good reason other than to kill. I don't understand why pit bull defenders refuse to acknowledge this fact. Acknowledging it does not mean you can't have a pit bull; acknowledging it just means you are a responsible owner that is willing to take the proper precautions with your dog that has the capability of killing a grown man quickly, for the safety of the public. Now, is that too hard? Even your hero Cesar Milan admits this fact.

      Now, having said all of that....please look closely at the photo of the "golden mix" that killed the infant that you speak of. It is VERY obvious that that dog is mixed with pit bull. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Look closely at the face and the shape of the head. Then google a photo of a true Golden, then tell me it's not.

      FYI....I won't post comments that are disrespectful to victims or to me, or my blog. Please, you can say whatever you want to say and I will post it, as long as you are respectful. Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

  11. You dont post any of my comments, yup you support freedom of speech all right. I have made sure that non of them are repeats of what im saying and none of them are rude.

    1. Tay, I'm doing the best I can. I am filtering out comments that seem to be the same arguments again and again. Sorry if I offended you, but it's not only your comments that I'm screening out. It just doesn't make sense to me to keep having the same say "pit bulls aren't dangerous," but they are. This argument could go on forever. Do you see what I mean?

      Also, you have to admit that some of your comments are a slap in the face to victims. There are a lot of victims that comment here, and when you say to them that "pit bulls aren't dangerous and it's only if they're abused," you might as well slap the victim in the face. Know what I mean? Try to be more empathic when you reply to victims. That's one of the reasons that a few of your comments didn't get posted. Don't ask me which because they've been deleted, so I couldn't tell you now.
      Anyway, thanks for your participation, but please try to understand where I'm coming from. Thanks.

  12. I dont know what you mean because I am not slapping anyone on the face except the owners who did properly train, socialize and ultimatley care about their dog. I posted many good agruments that are ones that I have not previously said before and you still do not post them yet again and again I see you posting other peoples that are saying the same old thing.
    I shared with you my trip to the agility contest. That did not slap anyone in the face. I shared with you my opinion on the dog that killed the baby recently, and I am not some random person who does not know anyting about dog breeds. I have loved and "studied" dog breeds since I was little and I have volunteered at a shelter, been to MANY dog events, and not to brag but when I guess a dogs mix, I am usually right. I can guarentee you that I have been around more pit bulls then you have and from MY experience that, that dog is not a pit bull but a mix of a golden, lab, and a little collie. Labs have box head, look at Jade in the photo you have on your home page. She has the same shape head as that dog and eyes. Not every dog that does somthing wrong is a pit bull or pit bull mix.

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