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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeling Restless

Jade and I really rely on our park outings every evening for some quality time together (not that we don't get that every day) and time outside for some fresh evening air.  The park is kind of our drug, since we don't get out much.  We usually get to go to the park every evening, and we walk, play fetch and enjoy the air.

The last few days we've been stuck in the house, as Jade has hurt her leg again.  She injured it before playing fetch, and she's managed to do it again. She's just plays a very vigorous game of fetch, and no more how I throw the ball, she doesn't seem to slow down at all.  I tried not throwing it very far, but it doesn't change a thing. She still bolts after it, as fast as she can run, the she either catches it on the bounce, or chases it along the ground, twisting and turning, and sometimes even taking a tumble.  Gotta get that ball! Ask anyone that owns a Lab! These are definitely ball dogs! Then she runs back and drops the ball right in my hand.  A master Retriever! But, she's just a little to vigorous with the game, and she hurt her leg not too long ago.  She was limping and I'd taken her to the Vet then, worried about arthritis, or dysplasia, Valley Fever, or something horrible.  Luckily, the Vet could find nothing wrong with her leg, after an examination and an ex-ray.

Two days ago, off we went, back to the Vet for the same thing, same leg.  The Vet checked her again and again found nothing.  He chalked it up to something like a "sports injury" having somehow strained a muscle during twisting and turning that didn't quite heal completely from the last time it was injured.  He gave her a prescription for rest and an anti-inflammatory again.  He said that the best thing would be for her to play fetch in the pool, thereby getting physical therapy in the water, and slowing her down some in her game of fetch.  I wish! I don't have a pool, but wouldn't that be great!? So, the Vet says, "no more fetch for a good long stretch of time."  Poor girl, it's gonna hurt.  I can't imagine her not being able to play's the thing she loves most of all. Nevertheless, we have to follow doctor's orders; don't want her to hurt herself again.  He said to give a long while to heal up completely and then see.

I really can't afford her to have an injury so I have to be careful.  I use Jade for bracing and for mobility support, so it's important that she's in the best of health and the best of shape.  So, stuck in the house are we for at least a few days, then we can at least go for a walk at the fetch though....sorry, girl.
:( .

Well, she's already feeling better.  She's not limping anymore, and she's totally restless! She just stares at me for a while after dinner, like, "You ready now? Are we going to the park?" I feel bad, but it's for her own good.  Once she gets that we're not going, she hops up on the couch, curls up, looks at me one last time, like "Really, we're not going?", then a long sigh, then she closes her eyes and drops off for a nap.  She's been bringing me her toys for the last few days, tossing them around the house and even chasing the cat around, which she rarely does anymore.  I know she's getting restless when she starts chasing the cat. Poor old guy.  My cat is 17 years old and probably thinking, "Please take this damn dog to the park already!" :)

(As if our animals think the way we do, right? Haha!)  Anyway....we're both I'll share some photos, and hopefully tomorrow we'll hit the park for a short walk.

Pretty Green Eyes

Jade's first day with me. 11 weeks old.

Sporting the football jersey.  It says, "Wide Retriever" on the back.

Playing in the river.

Sleeping with her toy.

My old man.

The park makes this girl HAPPY!

Playing fetch

Relaxing in the cat bed :)

Proud digger at 3 months

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  1. Cute again :), being nice haha. She has the same eyes as white pit bull Wilson