My Service Dog, Jade

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dogs Helping Dogs and Other Animals

I've written a lot of posts about dogs helping humans and what a wonderful gift that is....I just thought I'd put some of these links up that show dogs helping other dogs, and other animals.  I think this is great! Dogs are great! So, here's something positive, something to help us realize how wonderful dogs really are. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for this uplift, Jewel. I needed that today. The recent attack by two pits on a Great Dane hit two close to home and was brought back the memories of when my dogs were attacked.

    1. Pit bulls and great danes are two of the best breeds out there, both beautiful dogs. Sad that some irresponsible owner had to go out and once again damage the pit bulls reputation again. The same thing tends to happen with Great danes too, due to their size, some owners loose control.

    2. Tay, maybe you didn't read the comment above by cinnamon. This person JUST said that the recent attack on a Great Dane by two pit bulls brings back memories of the day her dogs were attacked by pit bulls...then you come on and say, pit bulls and great danes are two of the best breeds out there. Wow! Talk about a slap in the face! They should have a class for pit bull owners to teach them empathy and teach them how to be sensitive and caring people. See, pit owners say things like this to victims, then wonder why people don't like them!

  2. Jewel, my dearly departed mother, a very religious woman, always told me to turn the other cheek..well I was not always 100% good at listening to her: