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Friday, March 30, 2012

Service/Assistant/Guide Dogs Attacked

Several service/assistant/guide dogs are being attacked by loose dogs, mostly pit bull type, gripping, fighting breed dogs, and this NEEDS TO STOP!!!  It's bad enough that people own these types of dogs at all, but the fact they seem to be the most irresponsible dog owners out there, always letting their grippers run loose, is reeking havoc on most cities nowadays.

I have previously blogged about this on another page, here in this blog, but it seems this topic needs more and constant attention.  There are service dogs out there that are having to be retired early, and even killed by loose, and aggressive dogs, leaving their handlers devastated, and taking away their handlers' independence and freedom. This is just NOT okay.

Yes, as far as the law states now, in many cities, people are able to own their dog of choice (not everywhere though) and if people want to own a vicious breed of dog, that was originally bred for the purpose of fighting and killing, then so be it; but these types of dogs must NOT be allowed to roam the streets injuring people and their dogs.  Mind you, NO dog should be able to roam the streets, loose, becoming a nuisance and even a danger to society, but these fighting breed dogs are causing serious problems, and are impinging on the rights of good citizens to feel and be safe.

The owners of these vicious types of dogs are always screaming out their rights to own these dogs. Fine, then BE RESPONSIBLE! Admit that your dog is capable of killing another dog or person in just a few minutes (sometimes seconds) and do the right thing. Keep them on the sturdiest leash you can find, muzzle it if need be, or just don't take it out in public where it can be a danger to someone.  The owners are always talking about their rights to own these dogs, and that they will fight to the death to keep them from being banned (as they are in several cities, counties and even countries) but if you ask me, they're are precisely the ones that are causing these bans to get enacted, but they just don't realize it. They are causing it because they are over-breeding these dogs to make a buck, and treating them "just like any other dog," which is certainly NOT the case! They are being completely irresponsible and letting these dogs roam the streets, they have inadequate enclosures for them, and they always "somehow" get out and hurt someone. There are millions, yes millions, of these types of dogs filling up shelters all across the country, yet the owners are always talking about how much they LOVE their vicious dogs.  I'm sorry, but if you love your dog, you make it a safe and appropriate enclosure so that it can't get loose and lost, you keep it on a sturdy leash, and you make sure it's not consistently hurting people and dogs, as to give it a "bad reputation" therefore ensuring that your type of dog is not consistently in the news causing law makers to have to take action. Get it?

Disabled people and their service dogs have rights too! Everyone does. The right to own a dog, feel safe, be safe, be independent and free, freedom of speech and the like are not rights that are only reserved for those who wish to own the most vicious and dangerous type of dogs out there! Although it seems that these type of dog owners seem to think so.  Can they stop for one minute to think about the rights of others? Just once???

I wonder if they realize the blood, sweat, tears and money that goes into a disabled person acquiring and training an assistance dog? I wonder if they even care? I think it's a major problem that the owners of these types of fighting breed dogs won't even admit that their dogs are serious potential danger.  They won't admit the facts about their own dog, which I don't understand. I will freely admit that the breed of dog I have is subject to chasing birds, retrieving things, and is subject to certain types of health concerns, such as hip dysplasia, but the owners of gripping type dogs refuse to accept or admit that their dogs are dangerous.  I just don't get it.  They seem to blame everyone else, especially the victims of their dogs, for their dogs' behavior.  I don't understand this way of thinking; it just doesn't make sense.

My trainer often fosters these types of dogs; fighting breed dogs, such as pit bulls (and their cousins) but is willing to accept and admit the truth about them.  She accepts and will tell you that these dogs are a potential danger to people, a lot of people are afraid of them, don't like them, they are prone to violence and prone to attacking other dogs and people too.  She will tell you that these types of dogs have a different body language that is extremely difficult to read, even by other dogs, therefore leading to surprise attacks by these dogs.  She will tell you that these dogs need a special type of training, a special type of enclosure, as they are escape artists, and will tell you that these dogs are NOT for the average dog lover.  They need a special type of care.  I don't see why the owners of these dogs don't admit and accept these facts.  If they would, I'm certain there would be a lot less problems with these dogs.  There wouldn't be so much news coverage on them, and there wouldn't be so many attacks and killings perpetrated by these types of dogs.  "They're just like any other dog," just isn't getting it done!

That's my rant, and after all is said and done, who really cares what I say, or how I feel, but the point is that service/assistant/guide dogs, and others, continue to be attacked, mauled, and/or killed by these types of dogs.  So because the owners refuse to accept the facts, refuse to admit the truth about their gripping dogs, don't cry when the law makers have to take over, or step in to keep the public safe from your fighting breed dogs.

I can't imagine what it would be like to be blind, period; and then to be walking down the street, led by your noble guide dog (which cost you $40,000 to acquire and maintain), feeling a great sense of pride and accomplishment, independence and freedom (which took you almost 10 years to accomplish), when suddenly, some irresponsible gripping dog's owner has let their vicious dog out to come and savage your noble guide dog, ripping apart that independence and freedom you have worked so hard to acquire.  Yes, picture it!  What is a blind person to do in this situation?  I've read that some just let go of their guide dog and offer it the opportunity to defend itself, or scream in terror for help to anyone that might be willing to jump in and save your noble friend.  Service dogs are NOT like any other dog.  They are specially trained, and difficult to acquire and maintain, not to mention expensive.  But why should the owner of a fighting breed dog care about this?


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  1. Hi jewel. In the days after my family's experence with pit bulls, many people began calling us and sharing their story of how their service dogs had been attacked by pit bulls.

    The only way to remedy the issue would be to assure that all non-service dogs should be muzzled at all times when outside. This would eliminate SOME potential attacks, but more importantly it would take the pit bull owners defense of "society is picking on my dog". It sucks that I would have to muzzle my poodle every time he went out, but I am responsible for my dogs action right?

  2. Jim, thanks for stopping by....I'm going to have to politely disagree with you on this one. I know for a fact that a poodle can't do the same damage that a pit bull type dog can do. In fact, most dogs can't do the damage that pit types can do. I have a very reasonable solution. Ban pit bulls and gripping type dogs. That pretty much solves all of the problems that we keep having with those types of dogs. Denver got it...some other places have gotten it. We're just waiting for the Federal government to get it and ban them nationwide. Again, I'm so sorry about Max. Just horrific. God bless, Jim. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. To Pit people, no one is more important then themselves and their dogs. I have worked 25 years in the field of person's with disabilities including 10 years with quads. Until they spend even one day in the live of a disabled person, few understand how much they rely on their guide dogs...especially as many services are being cut in so many states.

    1. Good point, Cinnamon2005. I really don't think people get how much the disabled rely on their dogs. If they did, they wouldn't continuously and deliberately walk up to our dogs and pet them, distracting them from their jobs, or let their own dogs run loose to distract, or even attack our working dogs. There are strict laws against letting your pet distract or attack a working type dog, but people just don't care. I have to say that unfortunately, I believe you're right about pit bull owners not caring about anything but themselves and their dogs. I've read too many articles about pit bull owners allowing their dogs to attack, injure and even kill working dogs, then they just snatch their pit bulls up and flee the scene, with no caring or compassion about the other dog that they've injured or killed with their own negligence. It's sad. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.