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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Conversation With Neighbor Who Has New Pit Bull

     Well, I did it.  Yup, I had that conversation that I've been wanting to have with my neighbor who recently acquired another pit bull.  If you've been following my blog at all, you know that my neighbor just got another pit bull, after his former  one died fairly recently.  The former one was old, about 13 years, and my neighbor had to put him down. One day, most recently, another pit bull showed up in his back yard, barking and staring out the gate.  I've been wanting to have a conversation about this with him, in a very civil way (have to get along with neighbors), to ensure that we are all kept safe.  The reason for this is because his former pit bull, Zeus, had once gotten into MY backyard by jumping onto something he had stacked against the 7 foot wall, and leaped right over into my yard. I didn't have my dog yet at that time, and luckily my cats were safely indoors that night.  I won't name names, but for the sake of easier writing, we'll call my neighbor Joe and his pit bull, Blue.
     So, I've previously stated that the next time I see Joe outside, I'd plan to have a conversation with him about safety. I saw him outside this afternoon, bringing in his trash cans, while I was headed to training class with Jade.  So I took the opportunity.  I started with small talk asking how he's been doing and how he's feeling, etc.  Joe is also disabled.  We spent a few minutes on small talk and then I got down to it.  I said, "I saw you got a new dog, Joe." He said, "Yea, I need the companionship." I asked him why he chose another pit bull, and he said that he got it from his wife's son, who couldn't keep him anymore because he was moving. Joe said, "He was one of those young thugs, who just wanted to be tough by getting a pit bull, and then didn't know how to handle him....he abused him and treated him like crap, beating on him and punishing him....he didn't know what the hell he was doing, so I got him." I went on to tell Joe that I'm afraid of pit bulls and those dogs are really dangerous."  Joe said that he understood that, and a lot of people feel the same way.  He also went on to say that the media helps to instill that fear in people by always reporting about pit bull attacks and bites (the same old pit bull owner excuses, blame the media, bla bla). I said, "Yea, Joe, but did you see what happened to the elderly lady the other was on the news....she was brutally attacked and mauled....there are a lot of those stories, Joe! Those dogs are always attacking and hurting people and other pets." Joe said, and this surprised me, "They certainly have the potential, that's for sure....they're really strong dogs and you really have to know what you're doing to have one." I was so glad Joe said that.  It's usually excuses and denials about the power and potential that pit bulls have by their owners, so this made me feel relieved.  Joe also went on to say that he's had pit bulls all his life and he knows what he's doing.  I let him know that I am still afraid of it, and of all pit bulls and for good reason.  I said, "Please don't let him get over that wall into my yard, Joe....remember when your other pit got over that wall and into my yard? Please don't let that happen." Joe smiled and said, "No, he's not gonna get over there, I'll make sure of that." He went on to say how friendly his pit is, but then in another breath said that he was afraid of people because he'd been abused, which didn't make any sense to me.  Another walking contradiction of a pit owner.
     So we talked a little more and I repeated myself about not letting his dog get over the wall into my backyard, and he clearly stated that he wouldn't let that happen.  I told him that I'm afraid of pit bulls because they're always mauling and maiming people, even killing.  I also told Joe that his pit bull might very well "bite" him.  I said, "You better be careful Joe, because those dogs are known for turning on their owners.  He might just tear you up, better be careful." Joe replied with, "Oh, he's NOT gonna bite me!" Ok, we'll see.  I'm sure that's exactly what Darla Napora said too, right before her pit bull attacked, mauled and killed her, and her unborn baby.  Joe also said that he can't let his dog outside the front door, because when he opens it, the dog bolts running for freedom.  Just wonderful! He said he had to chase him a couple streets down the other day, but if he does it again, he might just let him be free and let the pound pick him up.  Wow! That's just great! If I see that dog out, EVER, I will call 911. If it comes in my yard, we're going to have very serious problems.  That's why I had the conversation with Joe; so if it does happen, there won't be any misunderstandings.
     The conversation with Joe, my neighbor has been had.  So we'll see how everything plays out.  Thanks for listening.

(Although this is not Joe's dog, it's a pit bull, and it's damn scary!)


  1. freaking zealot excuses. The pit that attacked my son, also bolted out front doors, and the pits that just ripped apart a small dog where I lived also casually bolted down streets. Denial and deflection, they make me crazy. Good for you for having the bravery Jewel, you are one of the reasons the true education is getting out there. I stand in ovation clapping for you!!!

  2. Thank you, Anne....but it's only because I get support and friendship from people like yourself. You and your son are in my thoughts and prayers. Give him a hug from me and Jade! Thank you for stopping by and making my day! :)

  3. This new pit is living the sad but typical pit bull life. The dog went from an abusive owner to one who feels that he can fix what is wrong with the dog because he has experience with the breed. A pat on the head and milk bone will not fix DNA. A pit that bolts through an open door and an owner who is fed up with chasing the pit and thinks that just letting him go will serve him right... this is not promising.

  4. "Joe also said that he can't let his dog outside the front door, because when he opens it, the dog bolts running for freedom. Just wonderful! He said he had to chase him a couple streets down the other day, but if he does it again, he might just let him be free and let the pound pick him up. "


    1. Jewel Jade.

      Please use paragraphs when writing. I want to read your blog but your lack of paragraphs makes it very hard to do so.

  5. Let it go free?I hope a truck runs it over

  6. Where do you live where Pit Bulls are consently attacking? Oh and this dog can be fixed, yeah he has had a ruff start in life but dogs bounce back easily if given the chance and the right person. Have you ever seen The Dog Whispher? Once again Pit Bulls are not for everybody and yes they do have potential to cause serious damage but then again any big dog can cause serious damgage too. Even small dogs can be a threat to babies and young children. Before you should really meet some well trained Pit Bulls before jumping to conclusion on all of them.
    What you should have suggested to Joe is to get a trainer to work with him on the door bolting if you are so worried about that.

    1. Tay, I did suggest to Joe that he take his dog to training. I know what you mean when you say "with the right person....a dog can bounce back," but I wouldn't consider Joe the right person. That is because I have lived next door to Joe for several years, about 10. I have watched Joe leave his former pit bull in his back yard for days/weeks at a time. Yes he fed him, and watered him, but we're in the southwest here, and it gets up to 110 degrees almost daily in the summer. Oh sure, it has shade and water, but do you think that is the best way to treat a dog? Any dog? I don't think so. Also, Joe would disappear on drinking binges for days at a time back then, and I don't know who was feeding and watering his dog, but it barked nonstop for days at a time. We even had another neighbor complain to Joe that his dog was too lonely and needs someone to be a family with. The way I see, Joe would be better off with a pet rock!

      I think if you have a dog, it's extremely important to socialize it, WALK IT, and even run it for exercise, first of all. Secondly, it's very important to make your pet part of your family, meaning, BRING IT IN THE HOUSE! Unless of course, you're just looking for a junk yard dog to guard your yard, because if you leave a dog outside like that and throw it food and never socialize it or walk it, it's going to become aggressive! That is the kind of dog owner that Joe the neighborhood would be MUCH safer if Joe owned a Jack Russel or a Yorkie, see what I mean?

      Joe's former pit bull, that spent his ENTIRE LIFE in Joe's back yard (never went out, never got a walk, never met another dog) ended up over the wall and into MY back yard. NOT SAFE!!! Pit bull or not! However, being that this is how Joe raises his dogs, he should NOT have a pit bull!

      I don't think that anyone should be allowed to own pit bulls as pets because most pit bull owners are unfortunately just like Joe. It's sad, but true. Say I'm stereotyping if you want, call it whatever you want, but I live in a small town close to the Mexican border and pit bulls here are owned primarily by wannabe gang-bangers, and other low lives. So there it is. Regardless, pit bulls are unstable, unpredictable, and continue to attack children, adults and pets in my town, and nationwide. I see the attacks DAILY! It NEEDS TO STOP!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.

    2. I actually agree with you mostly on this. From what you described to me, Joe is not fitted to own any dog, espically a big dog. I am aware that a lot of pit bull owners are like joe, but here in the town I live dogs are not treated like that so I was not aware Joe would do that. I also do not live in the city but in a wealthy suberb,I am also aware that there are alot of people out there who just get Pit Bulls to look tough. And I believe those people are the main problem here not the dogs. Those people really should not be allowed to own any breed of dogs. We clearly live in two completly different parts of the country and have different experiences with Pit Bulls but hopefull you can see that not ever single one of them are bound to go attack someone or something. As I said before I do not know anybody who had been attacked or whos dog has been attacked by a Pit Bull.
      Hey maybe you should just move.

  7. Also that picture you posted is NOT AT ALL what a typical Pit Bull looks like! That one looks like its on steriods! Mine has much taller legs and is not even close to as muscualar as that (heck none of the pit bulls I have ever seen look anything like that!).

    1. Tay, this is what pit bulls look like where I live. This is because of who owns them. As I stated before, most pit bulls in this town are owned by wanna be gangsters and people who think it's cool to pump up their pit bulls to fight and kill. We seem to have a new attack and mauling in the news here about every 2 weeks, but so far the city council refuses to do anything to help keep people safe.

      Most recently an 89 y/o lady was mauled nearly to death, and is still recovering. She was checking her mail one morning when two loose pit bulls attacked and nearly killed her. This seems to happen here A LOT! There are always loose dogs running around here, and they're usually pit bulls.

      Thanks for commenting.

    2. Thats awful but once again its the people not the dogs. Why were the dogs loose? Its the owners fault they brought them up bad and are clearly irresponcilbe for letting them roam loose. Espcially if they care for them so much, which I know they dont cause I would never let my dogs roam loose. My biggest fear is having one of my dogs get hit by a car, cleraly this was not an issue for this owner.
      But if you get rid of the pit bulls owned by these gangter wannabes then they will just find another dog to make them look tough. You have to try to change the people.

    3. Tay, I agree with you on a few things here. However, I'd say it's the dogs and the owners. I've written quite a long reply to your other comment in regards to BSL which covered a lot, but.....

      You're right, these dogs should NEVER have been allowed to roam loose. NO dog should EVER be allowed to roam loose. Yes, if you care for and love your dogs, you don't let this happen, period. This is the biggest problem with pit bulls, in my opinion. But part of the problem is that pit bull owners REFUSE to admit the truth about their dogs, that they are bred to fight and kill, they are unpredictable in regards to attacks, and have a way of grabbing, holding and shaking, and not stopping until their victim is dead or they are somehow stopped mid-mauling. If pit bull owners would be willing to admit the truth about their dogs, and take the appropriate measures to keep the public safe, we would NEVER have these types of incidents. But the fact is that pit bull owners keep saying, "Pit bulls are just like any other dogs...." and that's a LIE.

      If they'd admit the truth, and take the appropriate measures to keep their dogs properly contained, that elderly lady, and the hundreds of others, would never had to be hospitalized and nearly killed.

      Again, admitting the truth about your dog doesn't mean that you can't still choose to have a pit bull. But if want to have one, you HAVE to admit the truth and take appropriate measures to make sure that the public is safe! If owners and shelters, and rescues would admit the truth about these dogs, they would stop adopting them out to just anyone, with little children at home, and other animals that have the potential to be brutally attacked, mauled and even killed. They'd be more careful about who adopts these dogs. But that's NOT what is happening.

      They adopt these dogs to anyone, and refuse to admit that they are dangerous, and try to push them off as "just like any other dog," and people believe the hype, acquire the dog, don't take appropriate measures, and end up getting hurt, or getting their children, and others hurt.

      That's why I continue to blog about pit bulls, as you say, "hate on pit bulls..." because the unsuspecting public starts to believe these pit bull lovers, like yourself, that continue to LIE and MISINFORM about these dogs. I need to set that record straight for the safety of children, and people's pets, and people like that 89 y/o lady who wanted to check her mail and nearly died doing so.

      I don't want to take away people's dogs, or people's right to own whatever kind of dog they want.....BUT, it seems law-makers have NO CHOICE because pit bull owners refuse to admit the truth about their dogs and therefore keep them properly secured and keep the public safe....shelters and rescues continue to adopt them out to anyone, without taking appropriate precautions....all of these things FORCE law-makers to have to step in and keep people safe. It also forces people like me to continue to "hate on pit bulls," as you put it, in order to let people know that what pit bull owners are currently saying about these dogs is an outright LIE.

      No, they're NOT just like any other dog. And no, not EVERY pit bull is going to attack and/or kill, or maul someone. BUT, a lot of them you tell me, Tay, how do you know which one will and which one won't?
      It has been proven again and again, (google the attacks) that there are many pit bulls that have been raised very well from puppyhood, with lots of love, attention, socialization, and such, that were never abused, and they've mauled someone or something to death. How do you know which one will and which one won't?

      Anyway....I get tired of saying the same thing over and over.....Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. Sad. I live with 2 pit bulls mexr door. They are always jumping fence. These dogs have a history of attacking animals, coes, chickens pet dogs. They have bit me. The owner thinks it is funny to let the killer charge me then calls him off.
    I cannot let my pets out unless I am armed.
    Piss poor pit bull owners